‘Athleisure’ defined And how to wear it


Many have heard of the term “athleisure” but what does it really mean and when and where is it appropriate to wear this look? If you have always wondered about this trend, then keep reading.
Athleisure is defined as a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn outside of the gym, such as at school or the workplace. However, I do not recommend this look in a professional environment or at other casual or social occasions. The outfits consist of yoga pants, tights, baseball caps, sneakers, leggings, hoodies, track suits and shorts that look like athletic wear but are characterized as fashionable, dressed-up sweats and exercise clothing. The thought is that gym clothes are making their way out of the gym and becoming a larger part of everyday wardrobes.
This look can be considered as a fashion industry movement, enabled by improved textile materials that are lightweight, waterproof and breathable and wick away moisture. Versatility and comfort allows this look to keep on trending.
Many say this trend grew because women started to wear yoga pants everywhere and welcomed the functionality of wearing the outfit for multiple occasions without having to change. This resulted in greater convenience since people didn’t have to carry an extra gym outfit on the way to work.
How do you obtain this look and where should it be worn? This is a two-piece outfit, typically with matching pants and jacket. The trending color combination for this look is black and white—think Adidas stripes down the side. However, this look also can be obtained by combining all white or all black with a splash of color on your top.
Leading up to this article, I surveyed a few of my friends to get their input on where to actually wear attractive, clean, athleisure. These were some of the comments: running errands, grocery shopping, going to a big box store, drugstore, etc. There was agreement that the look should not be worn when going out to lunch or dinner unless you are in the fast food drive-through, but this is more of an age difference. I think the millennials or the 20-somethings may disagree. It is a personal preference on your look for the occasion.
Your comfort level is key to the appropriate look, keeping in mind the nature of the location and any dress code there.

Do’s and don’ts of wearing athleisure
Here are some tips to pull this trend off:
• Do mix sports pieces into your regular fashion wardrobe for a balanced look.
• Do get creative, especially when it comes to mixing pieces and layering.
• Do mix fashion fabrics, like denim and leather, with high-performance, sports fabrics.
• Do make sure all your athleisure pieces are clean and in good condition.
• Don’t throw on any old thing you’d wear to the gym.
• Don’t overlook the addition of accessories and jewelry.
• Don’t forget about your signature style and look. Always make it your own.
• Don’t go overboard with bright colors and prints. Hopefully this trend is now understood and dressing for this style is easily accessible for all.


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