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Natural Beauty
Sudsing up organically with Heather’s Naturals and Evolve Soap

When someone says “natural beauty,” the image of healthy, glowing skin comes to mind. Who doesn’t want to be a natural beauty? We all are in our own way, but to enhance what God blessed us with, we found two local companies who use natural ingredients to keep us feeling beautiful inside and out.

The owners of Heather’s Naturals and Evolve Soap both have two objectives at the center of their mission: to use only organic, cruelty‐free, natural ingredients in their products and you, the client.

Heather Jablonski founded Heather’s Naturals in 2013 under the name of its signature product, an all‐natural lip balm called Incredibalm. Three years later, after developing more skincare products and broadening the line beyond lip balms, she changed the name to Heather’s Naturals. Her product line consists of face washes/cleansers, masks, serums, and anti‐aging products. She also sells beauty supplements on her website as well as an organic makeup line. Jablonski makes many of her products to order, ensuring the freshest ingredients and the longest shelf‐life possible without the use of preservatives or chemicals.

I had the opportunity to try out several of her products, and fell in love with the Manuka Honey Face Mask with Collagen and Vitamin C, a top‐seller. It left my face feeling smooth and hydrated. If you have any trouble with acne, then I recommend the activated charcoal exfoliating facial cleanser; I could feel it working into my pores with a slight tingle sensation. At night, I found myself reaching for her hydrating miracle serum and anti‐aging whipped face balm, which kept my face moisturized until the next day.

Jablonski also boasts an organic makeup line that includes products from foundation to color to create a full look. I especially enjoyed her organic long lash mascara and organic lip gloss. A friend of mine tried the organic cream‐gel liner pot and gave it high marks. When I asked Jablonski what her inspiration was for her product line, she immediately said, “the feedback from my clients.” She loves making women feel beautiful.

You can find Heather’s Naturals at or Etsy, and her first brick and mortar store is scheduled to open September 1 at 432 Franklin Street in Schenectady across from City Hall. Use the code CRLMAG for 20 percent off her entire product line.

Jill Sullivan‐Keating, a self‐proclaimed “soaprenuer,” founded Evolve Handcrafted Soap Company in 2017 after conducting more than four years of research into natural body products and ingredients. All of Sullivan‐Keating’s products are handcrafted with organic vegetable oils and locally‐sourced goat’s milk, honey, coffee, and essential oils. Her line also includes organic, natural air‐freshening sprays and soap lifts made of corn husks and different types of hardwood to prolong the life of her soap.

As a nurse practitioner, Sullivan‐Keating became aware of the chemicals in conventionally manufactured body products, kicking off an interest in creating a natural solution. She makes her products at her soap studio in Latham.

My Irish Spring‐loving husband and I had the opportunity to try several of her soaps. I was curious to hear his take on an all‐natural bar and was thrilled at his review. He said the Saratoga Summer Salt Soap and the Spearmint & Eucalyptus Goat’s Milk Soap had him smelling great all day! I enjoyed all of them, but especially the Sexy Sandalwood‐Vanilla Scented Beer Soap. It glided on my skin and had a great scent. Her all‐natural air fresheners are also worth trying.

Sullivan‐Keating claims that her mission “to do better for people when it comes to their overall health” is her inspiration for her business. As a healthcare provider and mother, she cares about her clients’ health as well as her families’ and wants to continue to use high quality, non‐toxic ingredients while keeping an eye on sustainability. Sullivan‐Keating uses 100 percent recycled packaging, which reduces her overall carbon footprint.

Within the next six months, Sullivan‐Keating plans on launching a line of all‐natural shampoo and conditioner bars (which are perfect for travel), shaving soaps, and more air freshener sprays.

You can find Evolve handcrafted soaps at the following local stockists: Spirit Tree Connections, Image Studio, Green Grocer, Moisture Salon, Merriman and Pfister’s Marketplace, Livilu Boutique, Jean’s Greens, Bluebird Home Décor and The Pretty Hot Mess, and online at Sullivan‐Keating is also extending an offer through her website If you purchase three bars of soap, you can choose either a fourth for free or a free spray.

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