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Advanced Audiology Services
27 Lower Hudson Avenue, Green Island 270.5802; www.advancedaudiologysvcs.com
It can be quite daunting, not to mention frustrating, trying to make a decision about which hearing aid to buy.  This is where the services of the audiologist can be instrumental in achieving a successful outcome.  The audiologist’s role in selection is to guide and advise the consumer regarding options such as style and level of technology.  One should wind up with “the best hearing aid for me.” Carrying many brands does not necessarily translate into an advantage to the consumer.  More useful information might be the answer to “What kinds of results do you typically get from the hearing aids that you dispense?  Are your patients usually satisfied with the outcome?”

Myrtle Street Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.C.
59 Myrtle Street, Saratoga Springs 2105 Ellsworth Boulevard, Malta 587.2400; www.myrtlestobgyn.com
LARC—It’s a thing By Bernice Moeller-Bloom, NP You know things are becoming mainstream when they get their own acronym. So, today’s acronym is LARC (Long-Acting Reversible Contraception).This means birth control providing women with highly effective means to prevent pregnancy, while preserving the option for having babies later. These options are now recommended as first–line contraception for women from their teen years to peri-menopause. While it does not protect against STI’s, LARC reduces unintended pregnancy and abortion. And they are cost-effective! Each has unique risks and benefits, so you should discuss the options with your health care provider at your next GYN appointment. Bernice Moeller-Bloom, NP, is accepting new patients at Myrtle Street Obstetrics & Gynecology, 587.2400.

ClubLife Health & Fitness
3143 Route 9, Suite 4, Valatie 320.7885; www.clublifefit.com
I can’t be the only woman out there looking to improve my bikini body for this summer. Maybe you want to fit into that wedding dress or to simply be healthier. Now is your chance! At ClubLife Health & Fitness we aim to make those goals a reality. Let us provide you with the motivation and knowledge to get you on track to burning calories and building that lean figure you’ve always wanted! Don’t wait; take advantage of this awesome promotion. From now until the end of March: 15% off on ALL personal training. Let’s start this journey to feel better, together.

Capital District YMCA
869.3500; wwwcdymca.com
Unexpected Benefits of Exercise It’s important to take the long view when implementing your exercise program. The benefits of working out go far beyond physical appearance and weight loss. Here are 3 unexpected benefits of exercise: 1. Better Sleep — Those who exercise regularly fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and enjoy a better quality of sleep. 2. More Confidence — Physical exercise can boost self-esteem and improve self-image. 3. Sharpen Memory — The less active you are, the more likely you are to experience memory loss at an early age. Having an active lifestyle may even delay dementia. To learn more, visit www.CDYMCA.org today. Nancy Gildersleeve, Director of Healthy Living, Capital District YMCA.

The Pilates Principle
578 New Loudon Road, Latham 783.1678; www.lathampilates.com Y
es, your brain is attached to your body, but the “nitro” switch is your awareness. Our brains take the path of least resistance (aka cheats), so to move with greater ease or improve your performance at a sport, we can help you to optimize that brain–body connection. Dysfunctional muscles are generally not diseased, aging, or broken; they are starved of motion. Helping your body move in the areas that need it the most is our specialty. Pilates and Gyrotonic® exercise are movement systems that will improve your posture, help you to get up off the floor and, after a handful of lessons, get you connected and powerful on that golf swing. It’s not like anything you’ve ever done before.

Delmar Health & Fitness
28 Hudson Avenue, Delmar 813.4475; www.delmarhealthandfitness.com
Ageless women Reverse the aging process by increasing bone mass, lean muscle and improving heart and lung function. In a recent Penn State study, women lost 40% more fat when including resistance training, yet only 1/5 of the female population participates nationally. Last year, 20 women lost between 25 and 100 pounds at Delmar Health and Fitness! Within 4 to 12 weeks, you can be ready for your bathing suit. It only takes 10 minutes, three times per week. All 32 cardio machines, including the brand-new Adaptive Motion Trainers, have their own personal viewing screens. We are currently remodeling to provide group exercise space for yoga and other motivating classes.Our professional staff will design your personal program. ​

Dr. Thomas Abele, Delmar Dental Medicine
344 Delaware Avenue, Delmar 439.4228; www.delmardental.com
“Building an oral health home for families where comprehensive, top-of-the-line dental services were easily accessible was my goal,” says Dr. Thomas Abele, who, since 1969, has been a pioneer and leader in the dental sciences in the Capital District. “With the support of a talented and dedicated staff, I hope I have achieved that.” By offering a total spectrum of care for all ages, Dr. Abele eliminated the need for patients to move from doctor to doctor to achieve optimal oral health, comfort, and beauty.

Steven Yarinsky, MD, Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery,
PC 7 Wells Street, 3rd Floor, Saratoga Springs 583.4019; www.yarinsky.com
Bloom into beauty this spring! For over 25 years, Dr. Yarinsky and his expert staff have provided premier MediSpa treatments and cosmetic surgery for your body, breasts and face. Botox® Cosmetic and facial fillers are personally provided by Dr. Yarinsky as the only area New Beauty magazine-certified “Expert Injector.” Our Ultherapy® facial skin tightening and state-of-the-art lasers remove unwanted hair, visible capillaries and veins, and wrinkles to erase signs of aging. Our Advanced Medical Skin Care includes new DiamondTome™ with HydroPlus+ Serum Infusion and face peels reduce unwanted pigment, deep pores and fine wrinkle lines. Call us now to get the look you want for this spring!

Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa
220 North Road Milton 845.795.1310 www.buttermilkfallsinn.com
Located on the majestic Hudson River, Buttermilk Spa is the premier eco-friendly spa in New York State. This world-class day spa is situated on 70 acres of cascading lawns with winding streams and steps away from the Buttermilk Waterfalls. Buttermilk Spa concentrates on a green philosophy by only using products that are naturally crafted and plant-based in all of our massages, facials and body treatments. We are leading the trend back to a healthy and sustainable world by using solar and geothermal energy to heat our sauna, steam room and endless pool. Contact us today to book your extraordinary experience.


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