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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Mini Tiffany Kids Throne Chair
Spoil your child with this gorgeous, best-selling “Mini Tiffany” throne chair. This mini throne brings pizzazz to many occasions such as children’s birthday parties, baby showers, and much more!

Get the game that has gone viral on TikTok! The perfect mix of Pickleball & Spikeball. Play anywhere, any time of year (think portable Pickleball) – All you need is a flat surface, PaddleSmash is best for adults and teens (ages 12+)

Keep your phone, keys, personal items, and more secure, comfortable, and bounce-free while exercising. Say goodbye to armbands that slip and pouches that ride up.

UTTy — Gear Management Tool
Manage your stuff at home or while traveling. 1-time assembly, built with heavy-duty two prong hooks. Fits in the palm of your hand for easy packing. Holds 75+ pounds (Only weighs 5.4oz). Useful for home storage in the garage, basement, closet, or dorm.

Pull Start Fire
Enjoy crisp fall evenings outside by the fire with the easiest fire starter ever! The easiest and fastest way to start a fire, NO matches, lighters, or kindling needed. Add wood, pull the string, and let the flames begin! Burns for 30 minutes.

Puffer Hug
The perfect cozy accessory for any adventure. Durable puffer outside with super soft fleece inside. Wear it as a stylish scarf or draped under your outerwear. Oversized pockets keep hands warm & essentials tucked away. Donates 15% of sales to children’s mental health programs nationwide.

Damn, Man 12 Days of Winter Wonder
The countdown begins at the most wonderful time of the year! Each day presents a new snack surprise of either gourmet nuts or savory meat sticks. With 6 tins of delicious, flavored nuts and 6 meat sticks all packaged together in a winter wonderland scene straight from the Alps. 

PURGGO Car Air Eco-Purifier & Freshener
Freshen up your car with the minimalistic and all-natural PURGGO car air eco-purifier & freshener! It’s made with pure and sustainable natural bamboo charcoal, which absorbs & eliminates odor instead of masking it. Fragrance- & allergen-free, the PURGGO is all-natural, non-toxic, and 100% asthma and allergy friendly. 

Manta Sleep Mask PRO
The most advanced sleep mask on the planet, features true 100% blackout for deeper sleep, C-shaped eye cups for unbeatable side sleep comfort, and zero pressure on the eyelids or lashes. Uncompromisingly engineered for side sleepers, the PRO’s eye cups sit completely flat against your temple without sacrificing eye space. 

Watex Green Living
Brighten up your home with Watex’s modular gardening solutions. Grow five different herbs, vegetables, or flowers. Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly wheat straw plastic, self-watering system means you don’t have to water as frequently.=

Honeydew Sleep Scrumptious Side Pillow
Specially designed to cradle the unique curve of your neck and shoulders to alleviate neck and shoulder pain. Copper-infused foam fill has naturally antibacterial properties and keeps pillows fresh and cool night after night. Make it your own by adding or removing fill to find your perfect height!

Status Audio’s Between 3ANC
Triple driver active noise cancelling wireless earbuds. The best just got better. Supreme triple driver acoustics, now with all the bells & whistles Featuring 8 hours of continuous audio playback with ANC on. 12 hours of playback with ANC off. 

Sineaptic SE-1 Wireless Headphones
A manufacturer of premium audio technology solutions, is proud to introduce the SE-1 wireless ribbon headphones, which also marks its inaugural product launch. With onboard custom circuitry, integrated amplification, and seamless wireless functionality, the SE-1 is the epitome of audiophile-grade headphones designed to captivate both enthusiasts and everyday users alike.

Dreo Wall-Mounted Smart Space Heater
This is not just a space heater; it’s an embodiment of a smarter, safer, and more efficient home heating experience. Equipped with a variety of intelligent features, the WH719S allows users to enjoy a warm, cozy home life for the upcoming winter months.
Key Features include:
• Rapid Heating
• Adjustable Airflow
• Enhanced Safety
• Smart Compatibility
• Anti-Freeze Function

Bootleg Bath
Ditch the plastic bottles and reach for the concentrated shampoo and conditioner bars from Bootleg Bath! More conditioning agents for intense hydration and nourishment. Achieve vibrant locks with the powerful blend of ingredients. Crafted with organic, natural ingredients for quality hair care.

Typhur Dome
Just in time for the holidays, the Typhur Dome comes to the rescue with double the capacity, 30% faster cooking speed , and precision controls. Inspired by traditional wood-fired pizza ovens, the Dome replicates the hot air flow in a compact form factor with an impressive cooking capacity. Perfect for home chefs and beginner cooks alike. 

Typhur Sous Vide Station
The world’s first all-in-one sous vide machine. Unlike other competitors, which require customers to purchase components separately, the Typhur Sous Vide Station includes everything you need to start cooking sous vide right out of the box.

Typhur Sync Wireless Meat Thermometer
The most reliable wireless thermometer on the market, with a Bluetooth 5.4 connection for synchronized temperature detection over long distances (230 feet in open spaces, 65 feet in enclosed spaces). It also calculates cooking and resting times to help you plan your meals.

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