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Behind the Lens: First Seed

Photographer Francesco D'Amico on new beginnings.

We love to photograph the things we do, the foods we eat, the places we go, the people we’re with. If it’s a good photograph, it will tell a story and evoke emotion. Sometimes it might be only you who understands, but that’s OK. I told this “story” by bringing my seed packets and planter to a shady spot where their colors would be the most vibrant. I purposely blurred the seed packets (which you can do either with your camera or later on in your photo editing software) to draw the eye to the tiny seeds in the planter. While some people might just see a box of dirt, for me, this photo tells the story of new beginnings and hope. When spring rolls around, I usually need a strong dose of both!                       

—Francesco D’Amico | f-d-photography.com

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