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Behind the Lens: The Ripple Effect

CRL's Francesco D'Amico on how luck plays a role in photography.

There’s an old saying in baseball: “Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.” For example, a batter hits a routine grounder to the second baseman, but the ball takes a bad hop over his head and the winning run scores. It doesn’t mean the batter doesn’t have skill—it just means he caught a lucky break. The same can be said about photography. While trying not to break my neck while crossing a stream on a walk in the woods, I looked down and found this little guy. I pointed my camera at him, and, magically, a ripple appeared just as I took the shot. (And I didn’t fall in the stream!) Usually when I take photos, I either create moments or watch and wait for moments to happen. This time, the moment just…happened. The moral? Always have your camera ready—a good shot may find you.             

—Francesco D’Amico | f-d-photography.com

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