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How One Photographer Helped a Capital Region Breast Cancer Survivor Celebrate Life

Photographer Matt Whalen presents you with one of his proudest moments behind the lens.

As a photographer in the Capital Region, I get to shoot some of the most amazing people, and I’ve learned that shooting portraits that have special meaning to the subject always makes for a better experience. When Kendra, the subject of this portrait, asked me to take some photos to celebrate her surviving her battle with breast cancer, I was really inspired. I knew that picking the right scene and time of day would make all the difference for the final image. First, we found a nice field in Albany. Right as the sun started to set, I took out the smoke grenade. Needless to say, we got the perfect shot. The reaction I got from Kendra was beyond belief. Shoots like these are why I love being a photographer: I get to hear people’s incredible stories, and being able to tell those stories through photos is icing on the cake.    

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