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How to Channel the Season’s Energetic Imprint for a Sizzling Hot Summer

Balance is the name of the game throughout the warm weather months.

In the heat of summer would you rather….

• Have a light salad or a heavy, oily meal?
• Sit inside by yourself or socialize with friends?
• Get out of work early to enjoy the light of day, or stay at work longer? 

Your answers may be fairly predictable given the specific energetic imprints of summer. She has qualities, psychological needs and motivations. If you know what they are and attune to them, you can be in more harmony and rhythm in your own personal life.

Astrological Summer, or Summer Solstice (June 22), is the longest and brightest day of the year. Our social lives, in rhythm with this light, peak at this time. We play, celebrate and gather together more. Food is plentiful, light more colorful and vibrant, and we bond through the sharing of food at communal events like festivals, barbeques and parties. During summer, we are fully engaged in life, others and the world. Like summer’s corresponding lunar phase, the full moon, there is a fullness and fertility to life that bubbles with boundless possibility. It is a time where life is in full bloom and magic is at its zenith.

After a long, cold, hard winter and spring’s thaw, we welcome and invite summer’s light, strength and co-creative powers to warm, revive, rejuvenate, revitalize and excite us, and to ignite our inner flames.

But too much of anything can bring us out of balance. Her shadow nature involves feeling overwhelmed with all the socialization engagements, the tendency to be overly reliant on material things, and the natural pitfalls of relationships: codependency and the enmeshment of drama. To keep yourself in balance and get into a sexy rhythm with your own personal summer, use the following action words and self-reflection prompts. They will assist you in understanding your own personal summer energy and what you have to do to align and balance within it. You’ll be sun-kissed, energized and creatively ignited in no time.

Action Words
Spark, ignite, warm, start, create, excite, partner, illuminate, revive, rejuvenate, cooperate, engage, play, recreate, enjoy.

Self-Reflection Prompts
• What ideas did you dream up during Gemini season (June) that you can get excited about and initiate?

• What do you need to do/get started on in order to feel more vibrant and alive in your body?

• Where do you need more courage/fire to set things into motion?

• Where in your life can you light a fire, and feel more impassioned and alive with purpose for what you are creating?

• What blocks (previously hidden from view) have been illuminated? And how will you take action so they are no longer preventing you from living your most fully engaged life?

• What boundaries need to be established in order to not get too overwhelmed or burned out?

The summer of our lives is when we are at our fullest and most satisfied. Let’s enjoy it to the fullest while it’s here.       

Rachelle Booth is a spiritual guide and transformational life coach. To ignite your self-discovery journey and feminine reclamation, visit rachelletrahancoaching.as.me/.

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