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CRL’s Winter 2023 Tarotscope

The Capital Region’s collective tarotscope promises an exciting journey forward into 2023.

After plowing through the chaotic holiday time, it’s normal to hope that a quieter few months lie ahead—and this winter, we get just that. The planet of Mercury, which rules communication, will be retrograde until January 18, slowing things down during the month of January. Plus, the full moon in Cancer on January 6 will prompt us to balance work and home. We may feel extra emotionally sensitive with a heightened intuition around this time. The year’s numerology, meanwhile, is exciting. The new year’s energy is a 7 (2+0+2+3), a symbol of eternal life, meaning this winter is a great time to plan our goals and desires. 

To take a closer look at what to expect during this height of winter, I’ve pulled some tarot cards for the Capital Region community. What messages does this tarotscope tell us collectively?

A focus on legal documents, contracts, balance, fairness and the law.

A time of reflection and receiving answers from Divine. A wise man or woman. A counselor or elder who can assist you with answers to questions and problems.

8 of Wands
Feeling life is on fast-forward and slowing it down to implement changes. Awaiting important communication and exciting news.

Our intuition is heightened! This is a time to listen to it. Strong maternal influence. Creative energy assisting us in order to improve our lives with new ideas. Feeling more emotional.

5 of Wands
Working through family and work challenges. Competition at work for you or in your personal life. Feeling conflicted within. Possible health challenges to overcome.

Looking at life through a different lens. A time of feeling stuck and possibly a sacrifice to make. Possible delays in travel. 

Queen of Pentacles
A stable and practical woman may assist you with advice, whether it be in love, business or a financial decision that you will make.

7 of Swords
There may be gossip around you or fake people. You may be receiving an apology from someone as well. Be cautious with secrets and people around you that you cannot trust, as they may try to get away with something if you are not paying attention to the red flags. Addiction and mental health challenges around some.

Separating from old ways of thinking. Some will be making changes in jobs and relationships, or even a relocation or move could be decided. A time to let go of what no longer serves us. Some of us are grieving the death of a loved one.

6 of Wands
Receiving recognition and success in your endeavors, whether it be personal, professional or even family healing in the works.

Page of Wands
Exciting news is on its way—possibly the birth of a child, a new job or something completely unexpected as a very nice surprise. Good news around a child.

A special wish to be realized. Be prepared to know that you are continuously ascending to your highest vibration. You are at a peak of manifesting anything you ask for. BIG dreams can be realized with hope and faith. Some will be recognized for what they do in this world to make it a better place. Fame and fortune may occur.       

Sandy Menzer has professionally practiced her intuitive abilities for 25 years. She teaches and provides personal and group spiritual direction messages and readings by appointment. For further information, she can be reached at [email protected]

Sandy Menzer
Sandy Menzer
Sandy Menzer is a self-employed spiritual intuitive.

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