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Match Necklace Trends to Your Everyday Style

Get to know our new fashion writer, Luann Conlon.

Hello, CRL readers. I am pleased to be the fashion and new style writer for Capital Region Living magazine. By day, I am an Information Technology Project Manager. I am married to my wonderful and supportive husband Joe. Technology can be fun, more or less, but fashion has always been an interest of mine, probably dating back to my old high school days when the preppy look was in. I scour web sites, style magazines and YouTube videos to follow the latest trends and like you, enjoy watching the Oscars, Grammys and other award shows to determine the “in” look for a special event. I incorporate some of these trends in more of an adult fashion sense for an up to date, fresh look.

Currently, statement necklaces, long necklaces and layered, dainty necklaces are trends. It’s great to have a Adams_Gold_Lens_50937 copyvariety of these in your jewelry box to enhance your style. Here are some points to consider on how to incorporate the latest necklace trends in your everyday style:
1. Layered necklaces are meant to appear effortlessly chic. You can find an all-in-one layered look that is connected as one piece or you can style three different pieces together. For a sophisticated style, try simple chains in varying lengths for a subtle, but sexy, look. Your first piece should always be the shortest necklace of the bunch. A slim, 16-inch choker, a dainty pendant, is the starting point. For an interesting visual contrast, add a horizontal bar necklace to break up the lines of necklaces that are mostly vertical. The only time you don’t want a shorter necklace as your Adams_Gold_Drops_50925 copybase is when you are wearing a boat-neck top or any shirt with a high neckline; layered necklaces are more for an open neck look. Add necklace number two, choosing a longer piece. Even an inch or two longer will work, but if you are filling in a deep V neckline, you can drop down several inches. Keep things interesting by choosing a different chain or pendant for your second accessory element. Pendants work great, since the weight of the bauble adds a long visual that frames the other two necklaces. Make your longest piece a bit on the heavy side to finish off the look.
2. Statement necklaces are easy to identify because CRL_3_Horn_50948 copythey’re chunky, unique and attention-grabbing. They come in an assortment of styles from metallic necklaces and jeweled pieces to colorful neck pieces and beaded baubles. The most important thing to note is that statement necklaces are meant to be the main, defining piece of your outfit. They’re supposed to be interesting and draw attention to your neckline, all while spicing up your outfit. For example, wearing a statement necklace with a buttoned-up collared shirt and a high-waisted skirt or pants is a very stylish, pulled together business look. Mixing two different statement necklaces adds a punch to any outfit.CRL_3_Charm_50970 copy
3. Long necklaces are also at the top of this season’s list of jewelry trends. Models on runways are wearing them with jeans, pants, swimsuits, maxi dresses and skirts. Wear a super long necklace with a button-down shirt for a fresh vibe. A long necklace with a simple t-shirt and jeans adds interest to a casual look. Whether of precious metals and stones or pure costume, long necklaces add a touch of glamour to a look in an effortless way. Hopefully, this information helps you with pairing the latest trend necklaces with your wardrobe. Whatever your personal fashion interest, explore it and enjoy what makes you the most comfortable. Storage tips: Store individual pieces of jewelry in sealed zip-close baggies. Or, if you store your jewelry inventory loaded onto your displays, you can wrap or cover the displays with Silver Tarnish Cloth (also sometimes called Pacific Cloth), which is available by the yard at fabric stores. Lastly, place regular chalkboard chalk in with your jewelry. The chalk works similarly to the strips, absorbing the airborne substances that cause tarnish.

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