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Spiritual Grounding: Looking Ahead to the New Year

A new year is an opportunity to create new plans and ideas and make positive changes in our lives.

It’s not only a new year, but also a new decade, and with it being a 4 Year, numerically, and Jupiter being in Capricorn for the entire year, it’s truly going to be a year of taking care of yourself and those you care about. Both Jupiter’s placement and it being a 4 Year requires us to be more conservative in how we approach life. It also gives us the added opportunity of creating new plans and ideas and making positive changes. This may be the year that we actually stick to our New Year’s resolutions and make great strides throughout the coming year.

Jupiter in Capricorn is about work, home, family, finances and finding ways to improve your life in some way. These improvements could be related to work, your health or relationships, whether they be personal ones or the relationship you have with yourself. It is telling us that it is time to cut back in some way, and you must ask yourself, “Do I really need it, whatever it may be, or can I live without it?” (That is, if it is healthy for you.) Jupiter is associated with luck and money, but in Capricorn, it is less about spending and more about ways we can grow.

So, get out that vision board and start creating the new year you want to! Of course, as with any new year, it is a time to let go and make some changes in your life. Usually, we look at it as getting over bad habits or addictions—and yes, that includes shopping, dieting and overall health—but this year it is time to look at the entire picture of how we want to create and make the year better as a whole.

If You Don’t Do The Work, The Work Might Be Done For You!

To accomplish this, you have to look back at the past year (or years) and take into account what might not have been good for you or what might’ve been holding you back in some way. These might be things that are obvious, or they might just be fear or insecurity in taking that leap of faith. The year 2020 will be wonderful, but could be difficult if you refuse to change or let go in some way, even if you are aware that the time has come to make those changes. This might have to do with relationships, but it’s more often work‐related. If you have been playing with an idea for a business, going back to school or wanting to change jobs, this is the year to do it. And for the creatives, especially writers, this is the year to get published.

Where To Start?

First and foremost, this is about loving and most of all believing in yourself. You know what’s no longer in your best interest or may be holding you back, so it is time to let it go. Light a white candle and write down the things you want to leave behind in 2019. For each person this may be different. This year we have the added bonus of a full moon/eclipse on January 10, and full moons are always about letting go. Write down the things you want to release on a piece of paper: These could be the names of people you have unhealthy relationships with; they could be diet‐related; or have to do with a business you started up that seems stalled. Visualize what you just wrote down as existing in the past and burn the paper. Eclipses are always more intense and allow us to see and let go of what is holding us back. They often lack sentimentality, making it easier to purge those things that you have been holding onto and that no longer define who you are, as the eclipse lacks emotional connections. Maybe it is time to ask yourself, “Do I own my things or do my things own me?”

Now that you’ve released what’s been holding you back, light a pink candle for love, and it will represent loving yourself. Do this anytime during the first month of the new year. But the best times are on New Year’s Day, during the full moon on the 10th or the new moon on January 24. Do this when you can relax; light scented candles, if you wish, as well. While the candles are burning, create a vision board for the coming year of what you want to create/manifest or write on paper. Place this somewhere so that each morning you see it and visualize what you hope to bring to fruition. But be aware: You have to put the work into what you want to create or build on to make it happen.

This is your year; create the person you want to become. Have a wonderful and magical New Year! Happy 2020!

Alexx Bradley
Alexx Bradley
Alexx Bradley is a longtime contributor to Capital Region Living.

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