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CRL’s October 2023 Tarotscope

CRL's Sandy Menzer breaks down the Capital Region's collective Tarot reading by astrological sign.

It’s harvest time! So let’s reap reward from the spiritual seeds that we have planted. With the fall season upon us, it’s also the time to observe nature and its beauty. The following is your Tarotscope for each astrological sign:

Aries: 4 of Wands March 21-April 22
A celebration is on its way. You’re about to take the next step up! Finances as well as health concerns improve; they go hand in hand. Be prepared to reap rewards of your hard work. New or renewed love awaits you.

Taurus: Ace of Swords April 23-May 20
The truth has been revealed in a matter that you have questioned. A great idea comes to you to help you improve your financial health. Inheritance may be received this year. Your approach to your life in the near future will be positive and successful. 

Gemini: Strength May 21-June 20
After suffering in silence, you are now feeling like you are in a very strong position in your life. An interesting and significant person (fiery, strong and motivating) may influence your life for the better.

Cancer: Ace of Wands (reversed) June 21-July 22
A new baby or addition (pet) arrives. This event will bring healing to you and the  family. At work, you may have a new idea or create something new. Spending time with children will be rewarding. 

Leo: Justice July 23-August 22
The closing of a period that brought heartache, loss, deception and envy of people around you. Because of this challenge, a legal issue will resolve in a positive way or may resurface. Take some quiet time to rebalance and refocus.

Virgo: King of Cups  August 23-September 22
A love interest will treat you with emotional support and be very compassionate towards you. If single, you may be meeting a significant connection. Your new solar year begins on your birthday and will start off in a very positive manner with your positive thoughts and affirmations. 

Libra: Ace of Pentacles (reversed) September 23-October 23
A great time for a financial plan to come to fruition. You will make wise choices and decisions and will move forward with your long-awaited plan of action for a large investment in a profitable idea. This birthday will be very special.

Scorpio: 10 of Swords October 24-November 22
Emerging from a period of feeling backstabbed, a sense of defeat or a painful unplanned ending. You are protected from all types of harm and the worst is behind you. The world is truly your oyster when you live your truth.

Sagittarius: Fool November 23-December 22
A new beginning in life’s journey. Take that leap of faith toward a dream you want to create. Before you rush into anything new and risky, caution is warranted; look deeper before proceeding. A travel opportunity or two will arise, or you will have a desire to plan a trip.

Capricorn: Hierophant December 23-January 21
You are awakened and may have developed new values and perceptions in your life’s journey. The wisdom you received this year from challenges has enabled you to move forward in creating an improved plan for future growth of your desire. 

Aquarius: Death (reversed) January 22-February 18
Let go of fear energy. You are learning to be more patient, self-confident and grounded in your desired endeavors. When feeling off balance, be sure to spend more time in nature.

Pisces: 4 Swords (reversed) February 19-March 20
You continue to heal and slow things down. You are recovering from envy and deception from others. You no longer are hanging on to the painful experience. Be more playful; have more fun.

May all your wishes come true! Hoping you all have a healthy, safe and refreshing fall. 

Sandy Menzer has professionally practiced her intuitive abilities for 25 years. She teaches and provides personal and group spiritual direction messages and readings by appointment. For further information, she can be reached at [email protected].

Sandy Menzer
Sandy Menzer
Sandy Menzer is a self-employed spiritual intuitive.

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