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Psychic Medium Tracy Fluty Encourages Us to Pamper Our Souls in This Post-Pandemic Summer

The Latham-based Fluty has been helping locals do 'soul work' for more than two decades.

As the Capital Region ushers in what’s going to be a fun-filled summer for the history books, there’s no question that most are also dealing with at least some lingering COVID-induced trauma. And that’s why nationally acclaimed psychic medium Tracy Fluty urges people to make some time amid the post-pandemic hoopla for some TLC for the soul.

“Many of us have had a lot of time to think about our lives during this time of lockdown,” says the Latham-based Fluty. “We have reflected on people in our lives and those that have passed on, on politics, on if we even like our job anymore, and if we are living the best life that we can. For some, it’s also been a struggle, as addiction, depression and abuse of all kinds really skyrocketed.”

Instead of brushing aside any suffering or trying to white-knuckle our way through it, Fluty, who for more than 25 years has been conducting readings connecting with loved ones who have crossed over, or interpreting a person’s aura light to help a client with his or her life path, recommends, as she puts it, “soul work” to steady oneself.

“Soul work forces us to look at our lives and use our higher consciousness to put us on the best possible path,” she says. “For example, a person may have lost his or her job during this crisis and has to reinvent a new path ahead. That is not always easy for someone to do. But the soul forces one to get up and keep going forward.”

Fluty’s signature brand of soul work is mediumship, which she describes as the ability to understand and relay messages from spirits who have crossed over to the souls that are still here. Her readings have been crucial to the healing process for so many grieving families across the Capital Region that she has a steady 6-8–week wait for appointments.

“There have been clients who lost a loved one during COVID, and, due to hospital protocols, never got to say goodbye,” says Fluty. “They struggle with knowing if the person they loved made it to the other side, if they were greeted and by whom, and if they know the person here still loves them. It always happens where the person who died comes through to convey who they are with, what the last few moments were like, and I have had them describe even a dog they had in their youth that is waiting for them as well. They will often give me the names of who they are with and describe what their heaven space looks like. It’s always a place the person here can identify with, and it helps them find peace [knowing] their loved one is reunited with family and friends and is happy.”

If you’ve never been to a medium before and are nervous, don’t be.

“I haven’t met a person yet in my 26 years of doing this who doesn’t want to understand his or her purpose here or know that he or she is still going to see his or her loved one crossed over,” Fluty says. And you don’t have to be grieving to book a potentially life-changing appointment. “People see me for a variety of reasons,” she says. “Sometimes when they are younger, it is about the path ahead: future family and career. It’s always a different day in the office, for sure! I have seen [a person] as young as 8, when a mother brought her daughter in to see me, because she was doing prophetic dreaming and wanted to understand how to help her understand this; and [a person] as old as 98, who wanted to connect to all those that had gone before her.”

Abby Tegnelia
Abby Tegnelia
Abby Tegnelia is the chief executive officer of Capital Region Living and Saratoga Living. She previously worked at New York magazine, Glamour and Us Weekly, and has contributed to Marie Claire, Women's Wear Daily and Maxim.

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