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Summer for the Soul

Dedicate these next few months to making evolutionary leaps forward.

Where are you feeling the need to transform old energies that are no longer serving you? Are you feeling a calling to change careers? To connect more deeply to your body’s innate wisdom, or enhance your relationships? Or maybe you want to be more disciplined in your approach to exercise? 

Whatever it may be for you, the month of May will be the time to get it rolling! Eclipse season has a way of creating immense change, whether we like it or not. Eclipses pack a powerful punch because they condense a life lesson (which might otherwise take a lifetime to learn), into quantum evolutionary leaps in soul growth. 

On April 30, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus acts as a doorway to a higher dimension of your being. New moon solar energy is fresh and initiating. When it happens in the sign of Taurus, these themes may become catalyzed: money, material possessions, inner security, self-confidence, self-worth, what’s meaningful to you now, peace, love, relationships and building something stable of value. Opportunities in the form of new beginnings, choices and directions will be provided for you to powerfully move ahead.

Taurus energy is earthy, grounding, sensual and stabilizing. Use this energy to breathe, calm your nervous system, and establish beautiful roots in planting your new vision. Intimately know your value and worth. 

As with any transformational process, creating space, releasing and letting go of the old must precede an ushering in of the new. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16 will support this process. Scorpio is the energy of letting go, healing, transformation and the life/death/rebirth cycle. Something will come to completion—a job, relationship or old sticky fear pattern. Whatever the ending, remember that it is a necessary component in your evolutionary growth. 

New thoughts, ideas and ways of looking at the world will be the focus as you move into Gemini. A fresh perspective and a new way of looking at things will set the inner stage for the out-picturing of your new self. It is a busy season, and your approach to it may look different than it has in the past. You may be more likely to focus your time and energy on the things you truly prioritize now. You may also be drawn to communicate your experience, socialize with new friends, travel to new local places, or take up a new area of study or learning.  

As you move into Cancer, you will likely want a bit of a break from the business of June, as you turn toward more self-care and nurturance. Is it any wonder we often take summer breaks and vacations? Our souls need to rest, rejuvenate and, frankly, be by the water.

Spiritually, it is an exciting time as we embark on vibrant new paths and pursue new horizons. My hope is that you will delight in aligning with your own natural rhythms.  

Rachelle Booth is a spiritual guide and transformational life coach. For practical and loving support on working with your own natural rhythms, visit rachelletrahancoaching.as.me.

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