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August 2018: Women’s Health Section

All the top women's health–related businesses in the Capital Region.

McGinnis Women’s Medical Care, PC
24 Computer Drive West, Albany, NY
518.689.7548; mcginniswomensmedicalcare.com
Our Providers: Mary Joyce McGinnis, MD FACOG Jennifer Iovinelli, FNP; Barbara Hill, FNP McGinnis Women’s Medical Care, is now accepting new patients. We are a personalized, private practice that treats each individual as such. Some of what we offer:
• Birth control options
• Breast exams/Mammogram
• Bone density/osteoporosis/treatments
• Cystocele/rectocele • Gardasil Vaccine
• Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
• Medical Marijuana certification
• Menopause
• Pap Smears
• Persistent vaginal infections
• Pregnancy
• Sexuality at all stages of life
• Sexually transmitted infections
• Urinary leakage • Vulvar disease

Christopher Brian Salon
90 4th Street #100, Troy
518.326.0470; christopherbriansalon.com
Christopher Brian Salon is a multi-award winning boutique salon located in the newly renovated Proctors Building in downtown Troy. With a carefully curated and talented staff, this five-time “Bestie” of the Capital Region brings cutting-edge styles, the latest techniques, and rave reviews to Troy, Albany, Saratoga, and beyond. Christopher Brian Salon excels at color correction, balayage, precision cuts, and more!  Scheduling and pricing is available online at ChristopherBriansalon.com Albany Podiatry 6 Executive Park Drive, Albany 518.482.4321; albanypodiatry.com Albany Podiatry offers a drug-free, pain-free breakthrough treatment for nail fungus called Clearanail. Clearanail is an ‘intelligent’ nail drill that creates microscopic holes in toenails, leaving the entire nail intact. This enables topical anti-fungal medications to penetrate beneath the nail plate and wipe out the fungus. Clearanail is completely safe, painless, and quick. Patients typically need only one appointment, 40 minutes or less. Albany Podiatry also offers KeryFlex Nail Restoration System, an immediate cosmetic solution to unsightly nails. KeryFlex is a safe, durable method of instantly restoring a damaged nail to a healthy, natural look in less than an hour. KeryFlex is a great option for a special occasion before beginning Clearanail treatment. To learn more, and for all of your foot care needs, visit albanypodiatry.com or call Albany Podiatry at 518. 482.4321.

Capital District YMCA
Various locations
518.869.3500; cdymca.org
Decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes, and osteoporosis by making small changes in your life— all while increasing your energy and improving sleep quality. • Walk! 10 minutes a few times a day meets physical activity recommendations and helps protect your bone density. • Drink water! Staying hydrated helps maintain energy. • Eat veggies at every meal — especially leafy greens. Add spinach to your eggs in the morning or to a post-workout smoothie. • Get an annual exam from your gynecologist. Protect your health with open conversations with your doctor. • Limit your caffeine! Drinking caffeinated beverages after 2 pm can significantly decrease sleep quality. Small changes can have a big impact when added to your everyday routine. Share your success at www.cdymca.org.

Steven Yarinsky, MD, FACS
7 Wells Street, 3rd Floor, Saratoga Springs
518.583.4019; yarinsky.com
Reclaim your vaginal health. Restore your satisfaction. Revive your relationship. ThermiVa® effectively treats mild to moderate urinary stress incontinence, uncomfortable or painful intercourse causing sexual dissatisfaction, and vaginal dryness and itchiness that result from aging.  These symptoms are often caused by low estrogen that occurs after menopause and with hormone therapy for treating breast cancer.  A recent AARP survey found that 38% of women in menopause complain of vaginal dryness that interferes with their lives.    ThermiVa® also improves looseness experienced after childbirth.  ThermiVa® creates softer, thicker, and more lubricated vaginal mucosa enhancing vaginal sensation.  External labial skin tightens leading to a more youthful appearance.ThermiVa® is quick, gentle, painless and safe and requires no anesthesia or downtime.  Women have reported more pleasurable intimacy and often experience results after just one 30 minute treatment. Call for a consultation.

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