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May 2017: Women’s Health Section

All the top women's health–related businesses in the Capital Region.

VENT Fitness Studio
307 Broadway, Saratoga Springs
VENT Fitness Studio is a new boutique fitness concept located in the heart of historic Saratoga Springs. VENT Fitness Studio offers members an intense group training experience designed to shatter your expectations and redefine your confidence. Harnessing the science of high-intensity intervals, rapid-fire strength training, and the total-body benefits of MMA-inspired training, the studio features a LIVE DJ and moves to its own undeniably inspiring playlist, guaranteed to push you through every mental and physical boundary. At VENT Fitness Studio you will push together, burn together, train together and reinVENT together. Visit ventfitnessstudio.com to claim your FREE session today!

Myrtle Street Obstetrics & Gynecology
59 Myrtle Street, Saratoga Springs
2105 Ellsworth Boulevard, Malta
587.2400; myrtlestobgyn.com
Zika is a virus spread by certain types of mosquitoes or humans. The devastation and fear associated with Zika comes from possible birth defects caused when an infected woman passes the virus to her unborn baby. Women in their child-bearing years can take steps to minimize their risk of contracting Zika: Avoid travel to areas where Zika is prevalent. If you do travel to these areas, be sure to use insect repellant, wear protective clothing, and stay inside if possible. If your partner travels to a high risk zone, the safest plan is abstinence or proper condom use, since Zika can be transmitted through unprotected sex. Talk to your healthcare provider or visit health.ny.gov/zika for more information.

Capital District Wellness Management Services
1375 Washington Avenue, Suite G102, Albany
489.2628; weightlossalbanyNY.com
Miraculous LED technology offers safe and effective weight loss alternative: How can you lose 3 inches or more of real body fat in 32 minutes? Capital District Wellness Management Services offers fat loss alternatives that allow you to target resistant areas with specific wavelengths of red light (belly, arms, thighs, chin, back). There are no side effects whatsoever! No pain; no downtime. Results are immediate. A total fat loss of 2-3 inches or more is typical in one session. Photonica is the only FDA-cleared LED device for immediate fat loss without pills, surgery, cell damage or exercise.

Advanced Audiology Services
27 Lower Hudson Avenue, Green Island
270.5802; advancedaudiologyservices.net
It can be quite daunting, not to mention frustrating, to try to make a decision about which hearing aid to buy. This is where the services of the audiologist can be instrumental in achieving a successful outcome. The audiologist’s role in selection is to guide and advise the consumer regarding options such as style and level of technology. One should wind up with “the best hearing aid for me.” Carrying many brands does not necessarily translate into an advantage to the consumer. More useful information might be the answer to “What kinds of results do you typically get from the hearing aids that you dispense? Are your patients usually satisfied with the outcome?”

Steven Yarinsky, MD, FACS Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery, PC
7 Wells Street, 3rd Floor, Saratoga Springs
583.4019; saratogalabiaplasty.com
ThermiVa Non-Surgical No Down-Time Vaginal Rejuvenation Reclaim your sexual health. Restore your satisfaction. Revive your relationship. ThermiVa® is a non-invasive 30-minute new therapy to treat vaginal discomfort and dryness after menopause and looseness and decreased sensation after childbirth. ThermiVa® can also effectively treat mild urinary stress incontinence and early pelvic prolapse. Gentle painless heat energy creates new collagen and softer thicker and more lubricated vaginal mucosa. ThermiVa® also promotes new nerve growth, which enhances pleasurable vaginal sensation during relations. We commonly treat women who have experienced painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness, which occurs after breast cancer antiestrogen medication treatment and after menopause. They have reported more pleasurable intimacy. ThermiVa® is quick, painless, easy, and safe and requires no anesthesia or downtime. Call 583.4019 for a consultation with Dr. Yarinsky. Visit saratogalabiaplasty.com.

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