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2023 Summer Product Guide

Soda Bossa
Treat your taste buds to Soda Bossa and experience the Brazilian spark guilt-free! Soda Bossa is only 35 calories and has a low amount of real cane sugar and sodium compared to other sodas. Choose from mouthwatering flavors including: Dragon Fruit Pitaya, Premium Guarana (Brazilian berry), Citrus or choose a variety pack with each flavor!

Purity Woods
Age-Defying Dream Cream. Contains an outstanding blend of nature’s ultimate botanicals (all USDA Certified Organic) for youthful-looking skin. Designed specifically to boost collagen and elastin. Eliminates the appearance of crow’s feet and other fine lines, uneven skin tone, and dull and dry skin.

Mosaic The Label
Affirmation Card Deck. Identify with all of you. Affirmations for mental health – “It is safe for me to be my authentic self.” An affirmation card deck to help you navigate your identityHand-drawn illustrations of hybrid tea roses on one side and an identity-confirming affirmation on the other.

The hand-crafted cookie that truly has it all: amazing flavor perfect texture clean ingredients—everything you want in a cookie except the gluten! What sets these decadent cookies apart from the rest is their surprising deliciousness. Everyone is singing the praises of Mightylicious, not just people with celiac disease and health-conscious snackers, but anyone who simply can’t resist a good cookie.


SpaLife Beauty
Pre-moistened with real cucumbers, fruits, and other natural ingredients, these pads soften the skin. Abundant in vitamins and minerals, cucumber boasts powerful, rejuvenating properties.

Werkshoppe Puzzles
Art you can get your hands on. WerkShoppe places art at the center of everything we do. From our signature jigsaw puzzles, to our newly launched collections of colorful 100% cotton tea towels and Small Werks framed canvas wall decor, we continue to expand and embrace the creativity of our international community of extremely talented artists. Another screen-free activity to clear your mind – also they are female owned and ethically sourced!

Flex Screen
As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. You’ll never have to buy another window screen again! Flex Screen has the world’s first flexible window screen that takes seconds to install. It’s nearly indestructible even against rough weather and pets! Custom made to fit your windows. Simply squeeze, slide into the spot, and let go! ZERO hardware required. Fits firmly into already existing screen tracks. Beautifully invisible!

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