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Abby Tegnelia Named CEO Of ‘Capital Region Living,’ ‘Saratoga Living’

Will Levith has also been promoted to Editorial Director and will lead the robust editorial team.

Saratoga Living’s Group Publisher, Abby Tegnelia, is being promoted to Chief Executive Officer, announced Empire Media Network today (March 9). In this role, industry veteran Tegnelia will manage the publishing, financial and editorial components of Saratoga Living and Capital Region Living magazines. She will work closely with Saratoga’s best journalists and top-tier ad team, and continue leading the publishing company’s expansion into events and custom publishing for city nonprofits.

A veteran of both local and national magazine leadership, Tegnelia has run the financial and publishing side of Saratoga Living for a year and has a long history of being at the helm of successful media and marketing companies. Tegnelia has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University, administrator of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize and considered the top journalism program in the world, and she wrote for and edited national publications before transitioning to editorial leadership at multiple outlets, most recently Vegas magazine. Prior to Saratoga Living, she ran a successful marketing and business development agency in Silicon Valley, CA.

With Tegnelia’s promotion to CEO, the magazine will continue to showcase the best regional coverage in and around Saratoga Springs. The inspiring and entertaining stories told in the magazine blossom from the editorial team, which remains a strong lineup of accomplished and insightful writers.

To that end, Will Levith has been promoted to Editorial Director and will lead the robust editorial team. Levith, who grew up in Saratoga Springs, is a veteran journalist with myriad bylines in national publications, covering everything from sports and movies to food and travel. He’s been with the magazines since 2017. Natalie Moore, a Ballston Lake native who currently resides in Saratoga, has been with Saratoga Living since 2016 and is currently Managing Editor. She excels in writing and editing local stories, as well as overseeing all editorial lineups, budgets and scheduling.

“I’m honored and very much looking forward to leading such a driven and talented team,” Tegnelia said. “Together, we will continue to move the publication forward and tell even richer stories from within Saratoga and the Capital Region—while continuing to come up with new ways to involve the entire community via our print magazines, thriving websites and innovative events. I’m excited to get started and keep highlighting the best things this city has to offer.”

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