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How to Age Gracefully Into a New Year

Anti-aging is so last year. Andrew Kelly of Latham's Skin by ASK gets us ready for 2022 with a new, kinder skincare mindset.

Instead of thinking of “anti-aging” or “reversing the signs of aging,” getting into the mindset of aging gracefully into the new year should be everyone’s 2022 resolution. Yes, the holidays are a special time when we get to connect with family and friends, but hosting parties and traveling can also be stressful. All of that takes a toll on skin and overall health, so it’s important to change your mindset before the chaos begins.

During the cold-weather months, our skin is exposed to harsher temperatures and artificial indoor heat, which dries out the skin, so increasing your water and moisture levels is crucial. Incorporating a hydrating serum like DMK Beta Gel will help to plump, hydrate and soothe inflammation. And switch your moisturizer to a richer cream such as Skinbetter TRIO Moisture Rebalancing Treatment or EltaMD Barrier Renewal Complex.

Holiday celebrations are a great time to let loose, but many of us don’t realize how all the boozy drinks, rich foods and sweet desserts affect our skin. All those delicious cocktails get broken down into acetaldehyde, which produces free radicals and damages the DNA structure, leading to skin inflammation, collagen breakdown, dryness, flushing and more pronounced wrinkles. Alcohol also affects your sleep cycle and can increase stress levels, both of which can wreak havoc on your skin. Personally, my favorite part of the holidays is indulging in all of the sweet treats, but sadly, sugar is the kiss of death when it comes to having healthy glowing skin. If you can’t help yourself, make sure to use products such as Biologique Recherche Serum A-Glyca or DMK Aminodine Mist, which contain Carnosine, an ingredient proven to help to help rebuild damaged protein molecules and can act as a preventative treatment as well.

Managing stress and not getting enough sleep cause an elevation of cortisol, which I like to call the stress hormone because it leads to your body being in a constant state of stress. Excess cortisol can increase oil production, leading to breakouts, and also disrupts the skin’s natural barrier function, which can lead to excessive dryness, making lines and wrinkles more prominent. So it’s important to get seven to eight hours of sleep and let your body rest!

When the holidays are over, make it a priority to schedule post-holiday professional treatments. For starters, the dead of winter is a great time to do a chemical peel, which will rejuvenate the skin during a time when it’s getting a break from intense sunlight. Peels come in a variety of strengths and combinations to target various skin conditions like acne, acne scarring, pore size and texture issues, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, and can be customized to your needs. My personal favorite is The Perfect DermaPeel, which is available at my spa, Skin by ASK.”

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is one of the most popular services at my spa because it helps rebuild the damaged proteins in our skin that keep it tight, firm and youthful. This procedure can help treat acne scarring, large pores, texture issues, hyperpigmentation and aging concerns. The results are permanent, so it is a great long-term investment.

Radio Frequency is another popular modality we use at Skin by ASK. It uses a heat-based thermal energy treatment to contract and tighten the skin, and rebuilds collagen to help with premature aging. RF is a no-downtime, noninvasive treatment that heats the skin up to a certain temperature to stimulate collagen synthesis. For anyone concerned with lines, wrinkles and skin laxity, this treatment is for you.    

1. Double-cleanse at night, and use a micellar water to wipe off any makeup, sunscreen or debris from the skin.

2. Exfoliate! I recommend Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, which comes in six versions and can be used daily.

3. Using a hydrating serum before you moisturize can help plump your skin and prevent winter skin dryness.

4. My favorite antioxidant serum is Skinbetter Alto Defense Serum, which combines vitamins C and E with 17 additional antioxidants to give you a luminous glow.

5. Everyone should be using a retinoid at night. My favorite is Skinbetter AlphaRet Overnight Cream for normal, dry and mature skin types, and Skinbetter AlphaRet Clearing Serum for more oily, congested and acne-prone skin types.

6. Sunscreen is the best and most affordable product to help with aging concerns, because accumulated sun damage can be blamed for 80 percent of your skin’s premature aging. Make sure you are wearing your SPF daily, no matter the weather. I recommend sunscreens from EltaMD.

7. Incorporating a detoxyfying face mask twice a week is a great way to give yourself a treatment at home. My favorite is the iconic Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant, which I like to call your esthetician at home.

8. If you are someone who will commit to using a tool at home, microcurrent can be incredible in between professional treatments. My favorite device is the NuFace Trinity Pro, which you can buy only through licensed skin care providers.       

Andrew Stephen Kelly is the founder of Latham’s Skin by ASK (skinbyask.com), which specializes in hyper-customized facial treatments that feature his signature techniques.

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