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2016 Albany Executives: Learning, Sharing and More

Everything you need to know about your future AXA membership.

The membership of the Albany Executives Association is made up of a collection of self-employed people, businesses or corporations and even a nonprofit, representing diverse industries. Representatives or alternates from these member businesses participate each week to exchange leads and give presentations about their businesses. Each presentation/craft talk includes a section that explains more about what type of leads the business is specifically looking for. When leads are given, they are swiftly followed up with thank you recognition.

About AXA
AXA is a 58-year-old area organization with the purpose of sharing business opportunities and networking to develop each member’s business. Membership is by application, providing category exclusivity.

Leads, leads, leads
Leads are exchanged two ways: Directly through communication with the AXA member and in general lead format on weekly lead sheets that all have access to. It is each member’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the various businesses represented in the Association and appropriately mention to friends and other business associates the merits of the various members of the Association, so that first-hand referral is knowledgeable and appreciated by all giving and receiving a lead.

Members are exclusive!
The group is exclusive in every way. The objective of the Albany Executives Association, Inc. is to continue a process of exchanging and interchanging business information among its members and fostering relationships to achieve business growth. This is done on an exclusive basis for its members. This gives your business the ability to obtain leads that only you receive, for your business, within your industry. The ability to grow your business on excellent referrals is priceless. Each member needs to attend regular meetings of the Association. You can send an alternate when necessary but alternates should be well versed in the process of lead generation. Attendance at any social functions offered by the membership is at the sole discretion of each and every member.

Weekly luncheon meetings
Weekly luncheon meetings are currently held every Monday at 12pm at the Italian American Community Center, in Albany. Annual meetings take place at special locations. Food, socialization, and a solid business exchange are always on the menu along with excellent food. Meet our members on the following pages and join us or call 462.8535.

Still room to grow with AXA
The organization is alive and thriving with excellent business members but we have room to grow too! If you do not see your category listed in our current membership listed below…call us or contact a member that you may know. We would love to have to join us for a meeting.

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