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Becoming Your Best(ie) Self

How to use the energies of the season to take your life to the next level.

After a long road through the pandemic, many of us are ready to take our lives to the next level. And we’re in luck, because spring is the season to do it.

How do we ignite the energy to get fired up? Inspiration comes when we turn our attention to our heroes and heroines: Simone Biles, Tom Brady and the other greats of the world. We love them for their fiery, enthusiastic and enterprising natures; they inspire us to set bold goals, and to actualize our highest potentials. The attraction, though, lies at the heart of our own light. We see reflected in them a vision of our own greatness. They remind us that we, too, have this fire (Aries) energy inside of us and the capacity to be our best selves.  

Sure, some days we fight, deny and shrink when we are challenged by our inner spark. But on other days, an invisible force (Aries energy) seems to urge us to rise up and meet it. Cue the Rocky theme. 

How can you align best with the cosmic energies of this season?  

Use the highly dreamy and visionary Piscean energy in early- to mid-March to get creative. Use this time to decide: What do I desire? Who do I want to be? What does my best next-level self and life look like? Paint a bold new picture.

Once the sun moves into Aries on March 20 (which also happens to be the start of spring), evoke and apply powerful emotion to the dream. Get fired up. Ignite passion and life force. Connect to your boldest self. Raise your confidence, so when it’s time to plant your seeds, you will do what it takes in order to take action. You must be courageous enough to tend to those seeds, even when you can’t see the growth occurring underground. Your newly ignited fire will fortify you so you can compete with any forces (i.e., fear and doubt) that will try to destroy or extinguish the dream.

Next, you will ground in the energy of the dream with Taurean earth energy once the sun enters Taurus on April 20. You will apply grounded practical action in order to manifest a passionate dream into physical form.  

The evolution of your best, next-level self will be further supported by the new moon solar eclipse on April 30, which will bring with it an extra dose of initiating, powerful, advancement energy. So bring your boldest passions, inspirations and dreams forward, and become the best YOU of all time.

Congrats to all of the Bestie winners and runners-up featured in this issue. Thank you for modeling the highest potential for all of us.                       

To learn more about your personal astrology and apply it to your life practically, or to boost your confidence, sign up at: rachelletrahancoaching.as.me. 


  A cheat sheet for aligning in the cosmic energies:  
Sun in Pisces (ends 3/20): Dream it
Sun in Aries (ends 4/19): Evoke powerful emotion and ignite your drive
Sun in Taurus (ends 5/20): Ground it with practical action

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