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Behind the Lens: Dive Into Summer

Photographer Francesco D'Amico takes us on a warm-weather road trip across the Vermont border.

Nothing says summer to me more than the words “road trip!” The long ones are the best, but I also love the day trips, or even the afternoon trips. You know—putter around in the garden for a bit, get some errands done, or (dare I say it!) go to work before heading out for a few hours of summertime fun. However you get there, there’s nothing like the feeling of burning rubber out of the driveway to hit the road. The Dorset Marble Quarry—located an hour and a half from Albany on Vermont Route 30 in Dorset, VT—is one of my favorite places to spend time on a hot summer day. For this photo of the nearby watering hole, I simply found an angle I liked and set my camera to shoot continuous photos at a fast shutter speed to freeze the movement. (You can do this on an iPhone, too: Just slide the round shutter button to the left.) Then, I sat back and waited for the action.                              

—Francesco D’Amico | f-d-photography.com

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