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CRL’s Summer 2023 Tarotscope

A solar eclipse brings new blessings and opportunities this season.

This beautiful spring and early summer is a time of rebirth and new beginnings! The first half of the solar eclipse that took place on April 21 in Taurus (ruled by Venus, the planet of love and life’s finer things) is bringing in many new blessings and opportunities. Here’s how each astrological sign may be affected.

Capricorn: King of Cups
December 23-January 21

This energy will bring out maternal and paternal responsibilities—you may decide to create more family time or take a break from overworking. You may also feel more emotional and creative than usual.

Aquarius: Empress
January 22-February 18

You will feel empowered when it comes to taking charge of a business decision or important family matter. The birth of a new idea, business or child may be in the works.

Pisces: 6 of Cups
February 19-March 20

Spend time reminiscing about your childhood and your past. An old friend or past lover may contact you—be cautious. Spend more quality time with children, pets, siblings or close friends. 

Aries: 7 of Cups
March 21-April 22

This will be a time of entertaining many opportunities—trust your intuition without fear. Your creative mind will be on fire, so look for new solutions to old problems. But be sure to balance your logical brain with your emotions. 

Taurus: 4 of Swords
April 23-May 20

This is a period of rest and recovery. If you have had health issues, focus on healing or finding a solution. Reflect on your life’s goals and improvements. Your love life will improve if effort is put forth!

Gemini: 3 of Pentacles
May 21-June 20

This is all about expansion and growth, and you may consider minor home repairs or enhancements. Your love life will be improved if you become more optimistic and playful!

Cancer: Page of Swords
June 21-July 22

You will be paying very close attention to those around you and how they affect your mood and life. If you receive upsetting news, don’t panic—there is a solution to every problem. Ask your angels for assistance. 

Leo: 10 of Pentacles
July 23-August 22

This will be an exciting time to benefit from shared resources, including inheritance or a family member or partner. If self-employed, big rewards may be gleaned from a partnership. More of a playful time is both suggested and headed your way!

Virgo: Temperance
August 23-September 22

You may receive divine intervention in solving a problem. If you have a health challenge, keep the faith. Call upon Archangel Raphael to assist you in making the necessary changes for restoring your overall well-being.

Libra: Strength
September 23-October 23

You will feel very strong as you make an effort to improve your health and any unbalanced habits. It will be a time of great passion in whatever area of your life into which you put energy. Plan a much-needed vacation!

Scorpio: 9 of Cups
October 24-November 22

This is your wish card. A dream is realized from a plan or desire that you’ve been asking for. Maintain boundaries, accept change, and be careful not to overindulge. Your emotional life will feel very happy because of the changes you have made! 

Sagittarius: Judgment
November 23-December 22

People will be judging you in a favorable way, as this will be a time of facing good or bad karma: The karma you receive will depend on what energy you have given out. You may also have a happy outcome to a legal situation.      

Sandy Menzer has professionally practiced her intuitive abilities for 25 years. She teaches and provides personal and group spiritual direction messages and readings by appointment. For further information, she can be reached at [email protected].

Sandy Menzer
Sandy Menzer
Sandy Menzer is a self-employed spiritual intuitive.

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