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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Behind the Lens: Frozen in Time

CRL photographer Francesco D'Amico on capturing upstate winter.

Looking out my kitchen window after a late winter ice storm, I knew there would be a lot of great photos to be had. I suited up, grabbed my camera, and headed out. I quickly realized my driveway was a sheet of ice and there was no way I would be driving off to take photos. That was OK—my backyard was a winter wonderland of ice sculptures. I slid around my yard, careful not to break my neck, taking photos of icy shapes and glistening fences. I got some cool stuff, but the sun was too harsh and my photos weren’t really capturing what I was seeing (it happens). It wasn’t until I got into the shade that I found the real magic. Branches and leaves and doorbells and bird feeders, all encased in ice. Because I was out of the harshness of the morning sun, the lighting was flat and even, which makes color and texture pop. I saw this little twig with emerging buds and three frozen drips perfectly encased in crystal-clear ice. I got as close as my lens would allow, while keeping in mind that groups of three (in this case, the drips) make for stronger composition, and took the shot. So just remember: 1) Shade is a photographer’s friend, 2) Don’t be afraid to get close, and 3) Three is the magic number!           

—Francesco D’Amico | f-d-photography.com

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