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Besties 2010: All the Food & Drink Category Winners

All the best food and drink spots in the Capital Region.

Food and Drink


Aperitivo Bistro, 416 State Street, Schenectady

Aperitivo Bistro continues its climb in our yearly poll from winning best new restaurant two years ago to claiming the top spot in appetizers and Schenectady County restaurants, Finalist for Bistro category and tapas/small plate this year. With a large variety of smaller dishes that are made for sharing, restaurateur Angelo Mazzone opened the bistro two years ago last November, and since then, patrons have relished a fresh menu in a classy and cool atmosphere.

Angelo’s 677 Prime, 677 Broadway, Albany

The Standard Restaurant & Lounge, One Crossgates Mall Road, Albany


Uncommon Grounds Coffee & Bagels, 1235 Western Avenue, Albany; 402 Broadway, Saratoga Springs

A gourmet coffee and bagel shop established in 1992, the store has two locations, one in Saratoga Springs, and the other in Albany.

The store is appealing because it strives to serve the best coffee and best bagels in a very relaxing atmosphere. The bagels are baked daily in the stores ovens, roasting coffee in the stores constantly and serving some of the finest desserts in the Capital Region.

Manhattan Bagel, 133 Saratoga Road, Scotia


Bella Napoli Italian American Bakery, 672 New Loudon Road, Latham; 721 River St., Troy

Winning the top spot for best bakery seven years and counting should convince you that Bella Napoli Italian American Bakery knows their stuff. How about the 40 years experience they have baking breads, cakes and pastries? Trust us, bring a platter of their traditional cannolis or outrageous radio bars to your next office party or family function, and you’ll be the favorite guest.

Villa Italia Bakery, 226 Broadway, Schenectady

Mrs. London’s, 464 Broadway, Saratoga Springs

Beer Selection

Albany Pump Station, 19 Quackenbush Square, Albany

Moving up from second to top beer surely should make Albany Pump Station your choice for not only mouthwatering beer but delicious burgers, dinners and desserts. The full name, C.H. Evans Brewing Company at the Albany Pump Station, seems a bit wordy. The family of Cornelius H. Evans, proprietor, owned the original C.H. Evans Brewing Company. “Albany Pump Station” denotes the historic building which the microbrewery and restaurant reside. The full name, while quite descriptive, is also quite a mouthful. Most people just refer to them as “The Pump Station.” *See owner, Neil, on our cover.

Mahar’s Public Bar, 1110 Madison Avenue, Albany

Wolf’s 1-11, 1-11 Wolf Road, Albany

Birthday Cakes

Villa Italia Pasticceria, 226 Broadway, Schenectady

A true family affair, the Mallozzi family bought Villa Italia when it was a small pizzeria in the summer of 1965, and it has been in their family ever since. Quickly changing the menu to feature Italian baked goods instead of pizza and cold cuts, they have become known for offering the best in birthday cakes, wedding cakes and mouthwatering pastries. On average, they go through about 2,000 pounds of sugar a week! They make the thought of turning one year older a little sweeter with choices like Italian rum, black forest and mocha cream.

Coccadotts Cake Shop, 1179 Central Avenue, Albany

Bella Napoli Italian American Bakery, 672 New Loudon Road, Latham; 721 River St., Troy


New World Bistro Bar, 300 Delaware Avenue, Albany

Discover this restaurant’s own style of global soul food. The bistro offers healthy, lustily seasoned and assertive dishes of the American Melting Pot. If you want fresh, come here. Many of its ingredients are regional, organic and sustainable. They use fresh, local tomatoes in summer, dried in winter, fresh corn in summer, and polenta in winter.

Cella Bistro, 2015 Rosa Road, Schenectady

Aperitivo, 426 State Street, Schenectady

Bread (Tie for first)

Perreca’s Bakery, 33 North Jay Street, Schenectady

Bountiful Bread, 1475 Western Ave., Albany

For several years in a row, Perreca’s Bakery won best bread in our yearly poll. This year, they share the spot with Bountiful Bread. Both bakeries offer the freshest breads. Perreca’s Bakery, opened in 1914, offers their traditional Italian bread baked to perfection in a brick oven, complete with crispy crust and a chewy inside. Bountiful Bread offers everything from fresh bread to a variety of freshly baked muffins.

Bella Napoli Italian American Bakery, 672 New Loudon Road, Latham; 721 River Street, Troy

Mastroianni Brothers Bakery Inc., 51 Opus Boulevard, Schenectady


Café Madison, 1108 Madison Avenue, Albany

Choosing an unusual and delicious breakfast place is as easy as checking out Café Madison. You’ll find unusual and creative breakfast fare featuring everything from Tuscan omelets to oatmeal-raspberry pancakes and all types of eggs Benedict variations. Try the many varieties of home-baked toast and home fries. The longtime Pine Hills staple now offers dinner too.

Peaches Café, Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany

Duncan’s Dairy Bar, 890 Hoosick Road, Troy


Five Guys Burger and Fries, Various locations

Choosing a burger in the Capital Region is simple. Our voters said go to Five Guys Burger and Fries. Did you know there are more than 250,000 ways to order a burger at Five Guys? They use only fresh ground beef. There are no freezers in Five Guys locations, just coolers. Nothing is ever frozen. The menu is trans-fat free.

Jack’s Drive-Inn, 24 Main Avenue, Wynantskill

Jumpin’ Jack’s Drive-In, 5 Schonowee Avenue, Scotia

Chicken Wings (Tie for first)

The Ale House, 680 River Street, Troy

Wings Over Albany, 1704 Western Avenue, Albany

Capital Region chicken wing lovers voted a tie for best chicken wings at both The Ale House and Wings Over Albany. Chicken wings and beer are a great combination at The Ale House. Your tummy will love you if you make The Ale House a regular stop. The atmosphere is pub-like, but it has a family restaurant feel to it. Wings Over Albany offers hand-battered plump wings served with or without sauce. Try Wings Over Albany’s sauces including Kickin Bar-b-que or Garlic Parmesan, and you’ll be in heaven!

Bombers Burrito Bar, 258 Lark Street, Albany; 447 State Street, Schenectady


Bombers Burrito Bar, 258 Lark Street, Albany; 447 State Street, Schenectady

While they may be best known for their burritos, the Capital Region knows that when you want a hot bowl of spicy chili, Bombers Burrito Bar is the place to go. Owner Matt Baumgartner and friend Lynn Beaumont opened the business in 1997 after a $15,000 win in a poker game at an area casino – really! So whether you like it meaty or vegetarian-style, Bombers serves it up right and for the right price – you can bet on that.

Brown’s Brewing Co., 417 River Street, Troy

El Loco, 465 Madison Avenue, Albany

Coffee (Tie for first)

Mocha Blend, 720 Hoosick Road, Troy;

Uncommon Grounds, 402 Broadway, Saratoga Springs

Capital Region coffee lovers chose both Mocha Blend and Uncommon Grounds as best coffee place. With the goal of bringing a taste of Europe to the Capital Region, Mocha Blend Café owners Tom and Glenn used a trip to Italy as inspiration when opening the coffee shop. Uncommon Grounds offers their wonderful coffees along with freshly baked bagels. What a combination!

Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary, 217 Wolf Road, Albany

Mocha Lisa’s Caffe, 22 Clifton Country Road, Clifton Park


Gershon’s Deli, 1600 Union Street, Schenectady

Voted the best deli in the Capital Region three years in a row proves to our readers just where to buy that hot corned beef, pastrami or roast beef sandwich with lots of pickles and cole slaw. Gershon’s catering business is also popular with impressive meat and cheese trays and party platters.

Roma Importing Co., 9 Cobbee Road, Latham

Maurice’s Sandwich Shop, 133 Wolf Road, Colonie and Sorrentino’s Delicatessen, 241 Grooms Road, Clifton Park (tied for third)


Villa Italia Pasticceria, 226 Broadway, Schenectady.

When you think desserts, Capital Region readers voted “best dessert” to Villa Italia Pasticceria. They offer mouthwatering pastries. On average, they go through about 2,000 pounds of sugar a week! They make the thought of turning one year older a little sweeter with choices like Italian rum, black forest and mocha cream.

Bella Napoli Italian American Bakery, 672 New Loudon Road; 721 River St., Troy

Crisan Bakery, 197 Lark St., Albany, and Grandma’s Country Restaurant, 1273 Central Ave., Albany


Latham 76 Diner, 722 New Loudon Road, Latham

Save that trip to New Jersey searching for the top diner. Go to where Capital Region “diners” have been going for years, Latham 76 Diner. Just want a snack? Check out the appetizers, fine desserts and beverages. Going for a full meal with soup, salad and entrée? Latham 76 Diner fits the bill. Are you on a diet? Choose from the wonderful selection of salads. Service, atmosphere and food can’t be beat, with prices to match!

Alexis Diner, 294 North Greenbush Road, Troy

Metro 20 Diner, 1709 Western Avenue, Albany

Dining on a Budget

Alexis Diner, 294 North Greenbush Road, Troy

With over 300 menu items that feature everything from your favorite breakfast items and burgers to steak and seafood specials, Alexis Diner combines tasty food, friendly service, and very affordable prices.

Metro 20 Diner, 1709 Western Avenue, Albany

Sukhothai, 62 Central Ave., Albany; 255 Lark Street, Albany

Early Bird Special

Alexis Diner, 294 North Greenbush Road, Troy

Want an early dinner that satisfies you through the evening? More than 300 menu items are featured. You can choose seafood specials, burgers, and Greek specialties with a glass of wine or beer. You can also make breakfast into a dinner with an all day breakfast menu.

The Raindancer Restaurant, 4582 State Highway 30, Amsterdam

Metro 20 Diner, 1709 Western Avenue, Albany

Fine Dining

Angelo’s 677 Prime, 677 Broadway, Albany

The service at 677 Prime illustrates what being “the best” means. Angelo’s 677 Prime is an obvious favorite among our readers, voted best fine dining. Steakhouse and best steak.

Jack’s Oyster House, 42 State Street, Albany

McGuire’s, Center Square, Albany

Fish Fry

Ted’s Fish Fry, Various locations

Located in Troy, Latham and Watervliet, Ted’s has won best fish fry in the Capital Region five years in a row. If you’re tired of the same old fast food fish, then head into Ted’s, but don’t forget to get a side of their homemade chopped coleslaw.

Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry, 1007 Central Avenue, Albany

Harbor House, 1742 Route 9, Clifton Park

French Fries

Five Guys Burger and Fries, Various locations

When you think fries, think Five Guys Burger and Fries. You can order fries “Five Guys” style and Cajun, regular and large sized. The fries are cooked in pure, no cholesterol, tasty peanut oil and they use only fresh NOT frozen potatoes. Put your fries with a wonderful assortment of burgers. They go together so well. Check out their free peanuts too.

Ravenous, 21 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs

The Standard Restaurant & Lounge, One Crossgates Mall Road, Albany

Happy Hour

Creo’, 1475 Western Avenue, Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany

Those in the know end their day at one of the newest ventures by the company behind Bountiful Bread, The Butcher Block, Mangia and the Log Jam, all owned by White Management. The restaurant offers a perfect environment to relax while drinking fine wine, a cocktail and a luscious meal. Executive Chef Andrew Plummer is at the helm. One of the first restaurants in New York to be LEED certified, it features a grass roof, floors made from recycled materials and energy efficient equipment. Cover shot taken at the beautiful Creo”. *See Susan, bar manager on the cover too!

Lanie’s, 471 Albany Shaker Road, Loudonville

Recovery Room Sports Grill, 62 New Scotland Ave., Albany

Hot Dog

Gus’s Hot Dogs, 212 25th Street, Watervliet

The food is amazing at this Watervliet landmark. Prices are reasonable. Check out the hot dogs. The meat sauce is out of this world, and shipped all over the world too. The menu includes everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to sausage patties and beverages. Toppings include their homemade meat sauce, finely-diced onion, grilled peppers and onions, ketchup, mustard and hot sauce.

Hot Dog Charlie’s, Various locations

Mike’s Restaurant, 1135 Erie Boulevard, Schenectady

Ice Cream Stand 

Kurver Kreme, 1349 Central Avenue, Albany

Think spring. Think Kurver Kreme. Capital Region ice cream lovers gather at the best soft ice cream place. Get a cone or a sundae in every size and every type of flavor at this Capital Region tradition. All sweet treats are very generous.

Snowman, 531 5th Avenue, Troy

Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream Parlor &Coffee House, 366 Delaware Avenue, Albany; 1704 Western Avenue, Albany

Kid Friendly Dining

Jumpin’ Jack’s Drive-In, 5 Schonowee Avenue, Scotia

Located on the Mohawk River next to Collins Park, Jumpin’ Jack’s Drive-In has been a family dining hotspot for years. A favorite among kids, Jumpin’ Jack’s has loads of fans who never miss an opening day. Whether it’s delicious fish, chicken, cheeseburgers or hotdogs, everyday is a day to take your family out to Jumpin’ Jack’s Drive-In.

Fuddruckers, 72 Wolf Road, Albany

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, various locations

Late Night Dining

Latham 76 Diner, 722 New Loudon Road, Latham

Looking for a late night restaurant with a huge choice on the menu? Try Latham 76 Diner. Have a hankering for a stack of pancakes and a side of bacon but can’t wait until morning? You won’t be alone at the Latham 76 Diner, where you and other hungry patrons gather 24 hours a day, all year-round. Save room for dessert. You’ll be glad you did

Bob’s Diner, 929 19th Street, Watervliet

Justin’s, 301 Lark Street, Albany

Lunch Spot

Whistling Tea Kettle Lounge and Café, 25 Front Street, Ballston Spa

The cozy ambience and smell of freshly brewed tea is a great combination for the perfect lunch spot. This is a wonderful place to sup on a proper “high tea” featuring fresh, warm scones with clotted cream, along with tea sandwiches made with chicken curry salad with pecans, and cucumber and cream cheese paired with a huge selection of tea.

Four Corners Luncheonette, 2 Grove Street, Delmar

MochaBlend Café, 720 Hoosick Road, Troy


Appletini’s Café, 1118 Central Avenue, Albany

End your day with a sumptuous appetizer along with a mouthwatering martini. This restaurant offers a complete menu of items, but if you’re just in a mood for a drink, then check out the “Happy Hour Drink Specials” from 4 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Angelo’s 677 Prime, 677 Broadway, Albany

9 Maple Avenue, 9 Maple Avenue, Saratoga Springs

Bangkok Bistro Thai Restaurant, 268 State Street, Schenectady

New Restaurant (Tie for first)

Nichi’s Restaurant, 175 Main Avenue, Wynantskill; and Wolf’s 1-11, 1-11 Wolf Road, Albany

Both Nichi’s Restaurant and Wolf’s 1-11 tied for first for best new restaurant in our yearly poll. Nichi’s Restaurant opened up in the former Dino’s Restaurant. The name of the restaurant sounds Japanese, but they do not serve Japanese food. Nichi’s has gained a reputation for wonderful Italian-American cuisine. Wolf’s 1-11 serves everything from appetizers and complete dinner menu items to many late night offerings. A fun atmosphere with good food is always a terrific combo and Wolf 1-11 has it.

Outdoor Dining

The Waters Edge Lighthouse, 4 Freemans Bridge Road, Glenville

Opening the patio for waterfront dining beginning every May, the Waters Edge Lighthouse allows patrons to eat a sumptuous meal while enjoying a view that makes them feel like they’re on vacation. Diners can choose their appetizer right down to dessert from their terrace menu, while enjoying the breeze from the Mohawk River. Open for weddings, their “Terrace at Water’s Edge” banquet facility is just one more way the Waters Edge Lighthouse is bringing class and elegance to outdoor dining.

Lanie’s Café, 471 Albany Shaker Road, Loudonville

Jumpin’ Jack’s Drive-In, 5 Schonowee Avenue, Scotia


Paesan’s Pizza, Various locations

Whether it’s game time, watching a movie or a late-night snack, pizza can be enjoyed anytime day or night. With numerous locations, Paesan’s serves up pies with all of your favorite toppings, not to mention specialty pizzas including chicken marsala and stuffed meat pie. With so many pizza places to choose from in the area, Paesan’s stands the clear winner among college students and adults alike. *One of the owners on the front cover.

Fountain Restaurant, 283 New Scotland Avenue, Albany

Romo’s Pizza Place, 397 Feura Bush Road, Glenmont

I Love NY Pizza, various locations(Tied for third)


Brown’s Brewing Co., 417 River Street, Troy

When you think about elements making a great pub, excellent beer selection, hearty food and a community atmosphere all come to mind. Brown’s was the first brewery restaurant in the Capital Region. It has grown from offering just a handful of products to more than a dozen brews on tap. Brown’s is also environmentally friendly, giving spent grains from the brewery to local cattle farmers for feed and composting their used hops.

Across The Street Pub, 1238 Western Avenue, Albany

Katie O’Brynes, 121 Wall Street, Schenectady

Romantic Dining

Angelo’s 677 Prime, 677 Broadway, Albany

Whether you’re planning an anniversary celebration or just a romantic meal, go to Angelo’s 677 Prime. For all the reasons and all the the seasons, Prime is truly romantic!

Café Capriccio, 49 Grand St., Albany

The Hollywood Brown Derby, 22 Clinton Avenue, Albany


Brunswick Barbecue & Brew, intersection of Routes 2 and 351, Brunswick

Owned and operated by Master Brewer Gary “Goose” Gosselin, Brunswick Barbecue and Brew is the culmination of his dream creating the perfect blend of great beers, barbecue food, and live music, all under one big, red roof. Sampling some of the finest ribs you will ever taste is just the beginning, as there are many things to enjoy at BBB.

Otis & Oliver’s, 979 Troy Schenectady Road, Latham

Giffy’s Bar-B-Q, 1739 Route 9, Clifton Park


Debbie’s Kitchen, 465 Madison Avenue, Albany

If you don’t think a sandwich can be a work of genius, then you obviously haven’t been to Debbie’s Kitchen. Dill havarti, smoked turkey, snow peas, pears, black-bean hummus and roasted-garlic mayo are some of the more common things you’ll find them piling onto the legendary creations. And, don’t even think about driving while eating one of these monsters – you will need both hands for your lunch.

Iron Gate Café, 182 Washington Avenue, Albany

Gershon’s Deli, 1600 Union Street, Schenectady


Bountiful Bread,1475 Western Avenue, Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany

This is the second year in a row that our readers voted Bountiful Bread best soup. Savor their luscious soups, and add one of their baked goods or breads to compliment the meal. The daily selection of hearty soups, chili and chowders are made from scratch each day and served with a fresh slice of their rustic bread.

Mc Geary’s Restaurant, 4 Clinton Street, Albany

Western Diner, 2019 Western Avnue, Guilderland

Sports Bar

Recovery Room Sports Grill, Troy, Albany, Amsterdam

Looking for a place to go with the guys to watch the game and have a drink? The Recovery Room has it all – atmosphere, luscious food, and, of course, sports! The Recovery Room offers over 50 HD flat screens and enough sports memorabilia to fill a Hall of Fame. So kick back and cheer on your favorite team while drinking a beer or one of their sports-themed cocktails.

Jillian’s, 59 North Pearl Street, Albany

O’Toole’s Restaurant Pub, Kohl’s Plaza, 1841 Central Avenue, Colonie; Quaker Plaza, 118 Quaker Road, Queensbury


Angelo’s 677 Prime, 677 Broadway, Albany

Looking for a perfect spot to dine with an exceptional steak dishes? Plan on dining at the finest restaurant around, Angelo’s 677 Prime. Order a succulent steak, cooked to order with the best side dishes.

Barnsider, 480 Sand Creek Road, Albany

Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse, 1553 Central Avenue, Albany


Angelo’s 677 Prime, 677 Broadway, Albany

Searching for the best steakhouse around? Look no further. Angelo’s 677 Prime will fit your appetite and the bill. This restaurant offers a large variety of steaks, cooked to order, served elegantly.

Barnsider, 480 Sand Creek Road, Albany

Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse, 1553 Central Avenue, Albany


Koto Japanese Steak House, 260 Wolf Road, Latham

A winner in our poll every year, Koto Japanese Steak House has been voted the best place to find traditional sushi dishes. Since 2003, Koto has boasted a sizeable selection and the finest in presentation, priding themselves on artfully preparing the freshest spicy tuna rolls and delicious sashimi. Tell them you want a Capital Region Living Roll and you can make it happen!

Sake Café, 273 New Scotland Avenue, Albany; Price Copper Plaza, Slingerlands

Sushi Tai Garden Restaurant, 44-46 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs; Williamstown, MA.


Lucia’s Two Go, 404 Princetown Road, Schenectady

Lucia’s Two Go is a very casual pizza place serving up New York style (18″ round) and Sicilian style pizza, calzones, hot and cold subs, wings, salads, pasta dinners and Pepsi products. It’s order at the counter with a long, open kitchen and table seating along the windows.

Plum Blossom, 685 Hoosick Road, Troy

Double Dragon Chinese Restaurant, Columbia Plaza, Rensselaer

Tapas/Small Plates

Vin Santo Tapas Wine Bar, 579 Troy Schenectady Road, Latham Farms, Latham

Answering the call for innovative and adventurous dining, Vin Santo’s offers up the Tapas style and an impressive menu ranging from fresh oysters and seared Ahi tuna to burger sliders and local and international cheese plates. Complemented by their eclectic wines, it’s the perfect place to go with a group of friends looking for savory food and warm company.

Midtown Tap & Tea Room, 289 New Scotland Avenue, Albany

Aperitivo Bistro, 416 State Street, Schenectady

Cella Bistro, 2015 Rosa Road, Schenectady


Antipasto’s Bistro & Wine Bar

In addition to their fabulous Italian, vegetarian friendly food. Antipasto’s can boast an outstanding wine selection. Eating at Antipasto’s is a healthy and delicious adventure.

Moon and River Café, 115 South Ferry Street, Schenectady

New World Bistro Bar, 300 Delaware Avenue, Albany

Wine List 

The Wine Bar & Bistro, 200 Lark Street, Albany

Nothing is better than the scent and taste of a perfectly-aged wine. At this hidden-away spot located on the increasingly hip Lark Street, the Wine Bar and Bistro is under new ownership and better than ever. With a large selection of reasonably priced wine that even the most novice wine lover could navigate through, you’ll be smelling, swirling and sipping your way through all they have to offer. The foods is will prepared and inventive too!

The Gingerman, 234 Western Avenue, Albany

Angelo’s 677 Prime, 677 Broadway, Albany




Angelo’s 677 Prime, 677 Broadway, Albany

Barnsider, 480 Sand Creek Road, Albany

Jack’s Oyster House, 42 State Street, Albany


Mexican Radio Restaurant, 537 Warren Street, Hudson

2) Blue Plate Restaurant, One Kinderhook Street, Chatham

3) Jackson’s Old Chatham House, Village Square, Old Chatham


Raindancer Restaurant, 4582 State Highway 30, Amsterdam and Lanzi’s on the Lake, 1751 State Highway 20, Mayfield

2) Travers Diner, 237 County Highway 128, Gloversville

3) Romana’s Italian Kitchen, 219 North Comrie Avenue, Johnstown


Basement Bistro, 776 Route 45, Earlton

2) Mountain View Brasserie Restaurant and Catering, Route 32, Greenville

3) Water’s Edge Restaurant, 70 Shady Harbor Drive, New Baltimore


Crystal Bar, 72 Lyon Street, Amsterdam

2) Parillo’s Armory Grill, 67 Bridge Street, Amsterdam


The Otesaga Resort Hotel, 60 Lake Street, Cooperstown

2) Brooks BBQ, 5560 State Highway 7, Oneonta


Casey’s Restaurant, 77 Washington Avenue, Rensselaer

2) Lo Porto Ristorante Caffe, 85 4th Street, Troy

3) Villa Valenti, Route 150, West Sand Lake


Prime at Saratoga National, 458 Union Avenue, Saratoga Springs

2) Chianti II Ristorante, 18 Division Street, Saratoga Springs

3) The Olde Bryan Inn, 123 Maple Avenue, Saratoga Springs


Aperitivo Bistro, 416 State Street, Schenectady

2) Canali’s, 126 Mariaville Road, Schenectady

3) Cornell’s Restaurant, 39-45 North Jay Street, Schenectady


The American Hotel, 192 Main Street, Sharon Springs

2) The Bears’ Steakhouse, Route 7, Duanesburg

3) The George Mann Tory Tavern, 104 Vrooman Cross Road, Schoharie


Log Jam Restaurant, Routes 9 and 149, Lake George and Davidson Brothers Brewing LLC, 184 Glen Street, Glens Falls (tied for first)

2) Friends Lake Inn, 963 Friends Lake Road, Chestertown

3) Adirondack Pub & Brewery, 33 Canada Street, Lake George



American (Tie for first)

The Standard Restaurant & Lounge, One Crossgates Mall Road, Albany

Angelo’s 677 Prime, 677 Broadway, Albany

Dale Miller Restaurant, 30 South Pearl Street, Albany


Bayou Café, 79 North Pearl Street, Albany

Hatties Restaurant, 45 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs

Cajun Café, 131 Wolf Road, Albany


Roy’s Caribbean Restaurant, 185 Henry Johnson Boulevard, Albany

Hidden Café, 180 Delaware Avenue, Delmar

Justin’s, 301 Lark Street, Albany


Plum Blossom Chinese Restaurant, 685 Hoosick Road, Troy

Ichiban Japanese & Chinese Restaurant, 1652 Western Avenue, Albany and 338 Central Avenue, Albany

Gold Coin Restaurant, 1360 New Scotland Road, Slingerlands


Provence, Stuyvesant Plaza, 1475 Western Avenue, Albany

La Serre Restaurant, 14 Green Street, Albany

Chez Pierre Restaurant, 979 Route 9 Gansevoort


Athos Restaurant, 1814 Western Avenue, Albany

Taste of Greece, 193 Lark Street, Albany

Garlic Lovers Corner, 235 North Greenbush Road, Troy


Karavalli, 9B Johnson Road, Latham

Shalimar, Various locations

Sitar, Route 5, Colonie


Yono’s, 25 Chapel Street, Albany


Café Italia, 662 Central Avenue, Albany

Canali’s Restaurant & Catering, 126 Mariaville Road, Schenectady

Café Capriccio, 49 Grand Street, Albany


Koto, 260 Wolf Road Extension, Latham

Ichiban Japanese & Chinese Restaurant, 1652 Western Avenue, Albany and 338 Central Avenue, Albany

Hanna Japanese Steak House, 1620 Western Avenue, Albany


Phoenicians Restaurant, 1686 Central Avenue, Albany

Beirut, 184 River Street, Troy

Albaraki Lebanese Food, 184 River Street, Troy


Hidden Café, 180 Delaware Avenue, Delaware Plaza, Delmar

BFS Restaurant, 1736 Western Avenue, Albany

Garlic Lovers Corner, 235 North Greenbush Road, North Greenbush/Troy


El Mariachi, 2955 Route 9, Ballston Spa; 289 Hamilton Street, Albany; 144 Washington Avenue, Albany

El Loco Mexican Café, 465 Madison Avenue, Albany

Mexican Connection, 41 Nelson Avenue, Saratoga Springs


Reel Seafood Co., 195 Wolf Road, Albany

Jack’s Oyster House Inc., 42 State Street, Albany

Salty’s Pub, 215 Guideboard Road, Clifton Park


Angelo’s 677 Prime, 677 Broadway, Albany

Barnsider, 480 Sand Creek Road, Albany

Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse, 1553 Central Avenue, Albany


Blue Spice Restaurant, 1619 Central Avenue, Albany; 155 Delaware Avenue, Delmar

Sukhothai, 62 Central Avenue, Albany and 254 Lark Street, Albany

Sushi Thai Garden, 44-46 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs and 1707 Route 9, Clifton Park

Bangkok Bistro Thai Restaurant, 268 State Street, Schenectady


My Linh, 272 Delaware Avenue, Albany

Van’s Vietnamese Restaurant, 307 Central Avenue, Albany



Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum at Saratoga, 69 Caroline Street, Saratoga Springs

Children are welcome to touch and see exhibits at The Children’s Museum at Saratoga. They’re allowed to discover and learn through hands-on experiences. By encouraging them to touch and test different things, they have fun and even learn something along the way. Children can climb a tree house, shop in a child-sized grocery store or take a ride on a trolley to a foreign place – this museum will change your impression of the “typical museum!”

Schenectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium, 15 Nott Terrace Heights, Schenectady

Children’s Museum of Science & Technology (CMOST), 250 Jordan Road, Rensselaer Technology Park, Troy

Concert Hall

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, 30 2nd Street, Troy

Since 1823, the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall has been bringing the Capital Region some of the world’s best music and shows. It doesn’t matter if you’re a jazz buff or if you love jamming out to country music, Troy Music Hall has it all. Many have xperienced the national historic landmark and enjoy world-renowned acoustics.

Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC), 108 Avenue of the Pines, Saratoga Springs

Proctors Theatre, 432 State Street, Schenectady


Tulip Festival, Washington Park, Albany

Every year, religiously, on Mother’s Day Weekend, Washington Park is home to the highly anticipated Tulip Festival. Capital Region tulip lovers discover and view 20,000 tulips blossoming in the park. The street scrubbing on State Street, the Tulip Queen Coronation and the Royal Tulip Ball are some of the historic events available. The weekend is full of food, music and craft vendors that young and old are sure to enjoy!

Lark Fest, Lark Street, Albany

Irish 2000, Saratoga County Fairgrounds, Ballston Spa


Dunzy’s Place, 2612 Guilderland Avenue, Rotterdam

Those looking for wonderful entertainment and Karaoke should stop by Dunzy’s Place. Established in 2008, Dunzy’s Place is an American Grill and Pub offering the freshest quality ingredients at reasonable prices. The spacious family oriented dining area is available for parties and small functions.

JT Maxie’s Bar and Grill, 240 Wolf Road, Albany

Northern Lights, 1208 Route 146, Clifton Park

Local Band

Hair of the Dog

Together since 1993, Hair of the Dog has entertained thousands of fans of all ages with their unique blend of Celtic folk/rock. Their high energy sound, smooth four-part harmonies and tight instrumental attack has made them one of the top Irish acts in the world. *Rich/bandmember on the cover.

The Refrigerators


Movie Theatre

Spectrum 8 Theatre, 290 Delaware Avenue, Albany

Need a refreshing change from the corporate movie theaters showing Hollywood blockbusters? How about a theatre with homemade baked goods and buttery popcorn along with a waiting area that’s comfortable, artsy and relaxing. Opened in 1983, this locally-owned theatre offers a more intimate setting with a dash of culture thrown in.

Bowtie Cinemas LLC, 400 State Street, Schenectady

Regal Cinemas Colonie Center 13, 1417 Central Avenue, Albany


NYS Museum, Cultural Education Center of the Empire State Plaza, Madison Avenue, Albany

More than 750,000 visit the NYS Museum annually, making it one of the largest cultural attractions in the state. Each year, this research museum presents about 12 new exhibitions. The museum is also home to ongoing exhibits including The World Trade Center: Rescue Recovery Response, The Adirondack Wilderness, and Native Peoples of New York. The diverse exhibitions this museum offers makes it a must-see for every age.

Albany Institute of History & Art, 125 Washington Avenue, Albany

Schenectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium, 15 Nott Terrace Heights, Schenectady

Theatre for Plays/Musicals

Proctor’s Theatre, 432 State Street, Schenectady

Originally built as a vaudeville house in 1926, Proctor’s has transformed into a beautiful theatre, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The theatre was expanded in 2003 allowing space for blockbuster touring Broadway shows. Buy your tickets today for world-class singers, comedians, Broadway musicals, and internationally acclaimed orchestras.

Capital Repertory Theatre, 111 North Pearl Street, Albany

Cohoes Music Hall, 58 Remsen Street, Cohoes

County Fair

Altamont Fair, 129 Grand Street, Altamont

This three-county fair represents Albany, Schenectady and Greene counties. Keeping up with old traditions and focusing on community agriculture is what makes their fair an annual tradition for those living in and around the Capital Region. Bring the whole family, and make it your tradition this year. Go to the Altamont Fair August 17-22.

Saratoga County Fair, 162 Prospect Street, Ballston Spa

Columbia County Fair, 32 Church Street, Chatham


Albany Symphony Orchestra, 19 Clinton Avenue, Albany

Old and young alike adore the musical sounds of the Albany Symphony Orchestra. For more than 70 years, the ASO has been known for presenting a unique combination of new classical music while honoring the traditional music that has been impacting the music world for years. The ASO is the only professional symphony orchestra in the Capital Region, so whether you are a devoted fan or a newbie, the ASO is sure to be a moving experience.



Apple Orchard

Indian Ladder Farms, 342 Altamont Road, Altamont

Thousands in the Capital Region know fall begins by going to Indian Ladder Farms. They pick apples and pumpkins, and end their day with a cup of hot apple cider and cider donut. But that’s not all. Indian Ladder Farms offers a wonderful store loaded with fresh produce, a shop chocked full of gifts and toys, and a café offering a delightful array of breakfast and lunch treats.

Goold Orchards Inc., 1297 Brookview Station Road, Castleton On Hudson

Bowman’s Orchards, 141 Sugar Hill Road, Rexford

Appliance Store

John D. Marcella & Son Appliances, 735 Crane Street, Schenectady; 560-564 Broadway, Schenectady; 73 Karner Road, Albany

For more than 50 years, John D. Marcella Appliances has been family owned and operated, serving Capital Region’s appliance needs.

As one of the top 50 appliance dealers in the U.S., Marcella offers one of the best values in appliances and electronics because of its large volume buying power. Their new showrooms are opening April 3 on Broadway in Schenectady and it is a “must see”.

Earl B. Feiden Appliance, 785 Route 9, Latham (at the Circle)

Cocca’s Appliances, 158 Railroad Avenue, Colonie

Car Wash

Hoffman’s Car Wash, Various locations

When you think clean car, inside and out, most Capital Region drivers think and vote Hoffman’s Car Wash. For more than 36 years, Hoffman’s has been keeping cars clean, and they’re proud to be a “green company.” With locations all over Albany and surrounding towns, you will always be able to find one when your car cries out “Wash me!”

Colonial Car Wash, 1587 State Street, Schenectady

Wet Willy’s Car Wash, 701 New Loudon Road, Latham


Classe Catering, 2 Petra Lane, Albany

At 19, Brian Palazzolo, president, began his entrepreneurial venture with Classe Catering. With an unparalleled dedication to growing the company and a vision of greatness, Palazzolo began to eat, sleep and breathe the industry. He has sustained a relentless commitment to excellence and exuded undying passion-driven leadership inspiring his team to successfully produce thousands of weddings and special events earning Classe Catering numerous awards.

Riverstone Manor, 1437 Amsterdam Road, Glenville

Old Daley Inn, 2 Northern Drive, Troy

Day Spa

Complexions Spa For Beauty & Wellness, 221 Wolf Road, Albany

You can treat yourself to a day of beauty and relaxation in upstate New York’s most luxurious, eco-friendly environment. Pamper yourself from head to toe, and don’t feel guilty. Just relax…..Refresh and rejuvenate yourself like no where else in the world. Complexions opened in May 2008 at a new facility, 221 Wolf Road. Complexions is registered with the US Green Building Council and received Gold Level LEED certification for new construction.

Jean Paul Salon & Spa, Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany

Kimberley’s…A Day Spa, 982 New Loudon Road, Latham

Furniture Store

Mooradian’s, 800 Central Avenue, Albany and 1758A Route 9, Parkwood Plaza, Clifton Park

In 1931, with the birth of his fourth child, Mihran Mooradian realized that his successful meat market needed to expand if he was going to realize his dream of building a business that his sons could carry on and improve. That same year, he opened an appliance store next to his meat market in Watervliet. Always stressing to his three sons that if you work hard to provide the best value and treat people fairly, customers will reward you with their patronage. Through the years, Mooradian’s has enjoyed success as a meat market, an appliance store, and now as Mooradian’s Furniture. The family thanks the Capital Region for making it the leading furniture store.

The Old Brick Furniture Co., 33-37 Warehouse Row on Railroad Avenue, Albany; 2910 Campbell Road, Schenectady and 2 River Street, Troy

Di Siena Furniture, 115 Round Lake Avenue, Mechanicville


Kimberley’s…A Day Spa, 982 New Loudon Road, Latham

A cosmetologist by trade, owner Kimberley Comiskey built Kimberley’s A Day Spa into a full service salon and spa with 100 employees and 20 years of service. She cites the education of her staff as the number one reason she’s successful. Before they work with a client, the staff spends weeks and months of in-house training, going above and beyond their trade-school education.

Jean Paul Salon & Spa, Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany

Complexions Spa For Beauty & Wellness, 221 Wolf Road, Albany

Men’s Barber

Gregory’s Barbershop, 318 Delaware Avenue, Delmar and 5 South Side Drive, Clifton Park

With highly trained Master Barbers, you won’t get your average haircut at Gregory’s. Here, you are pampered with warm towels, hot-lather shaves and razor cuts. Sick of the gray and want a younger look? They also do color. Other services include facials, eyebrow waxing, highlighting and scalp massages. No one ever said women were the only ones who should enjoy some pampering.

Rumor’s IV Men, 595 New Loudon Road, Latham

Complexions Spa For Beauty & Wellness, 221 Wolf Road, Albany


Complexions Spa For Beauty & Wellness, 221 Wolf Road, Albany

Complexions combines all of your beauty and relaxation needs into upstate New York’s most luxurious, eco-friendly environment. The green powered facility is a sanctuary of tranquility and luxury designed to rejuvenate the body, strengthen your spirit and gently eliminate the stresses of the day, inviting wellness and healing into your life.

Jean Paul Salon & Spa, Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany

Albany Massage Professionals, 1500 Central Avenue, Albany

Pilates/Yoga Center

CNY Healing Arts, 38A Old Sparrowbush Road, Latham

CNY Healing Arts offers a relaxing and elegant atmosphere where the experienced practitioners take excellent care of you throughout your visit. You will leave feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

Dr. Robert Kiltz, founder and director, embraces holistic eastern therapies for treatment in conjunction with western medicine. He feels that holistic therapies help center and balance individuals prior to, or while receiving additional treatments.

The Pilates Principle, 578 New Loudon Road, Latham

The Movement Lab, 225 River Street, Troy

Women’s Hair Salon

Jean Paul Salon & Spa, Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany

Enter Jean Paul Salon & Spa and let the professionals coif, cut and style your hair. Owner Jean Claude Simille started with a hair salon in the 1970’s and expanded to his current day spa, pioneering the day spa movement in the Capital Region. Whether you want a cut and dry, color or extensions, Jean Paul Spa’s team of professionals will make you look like a star. *Owner Ann Marie on the cover.

Rumor’s Salon and Spa, 594 New Loudon Road, Latham

Cachet, 1766 Western Avenue, Albany




River Street, Troy

Instead of voting for just one antiques store in the Capital Region, you voted for the whole street! River Street in Troy scored its fourth win for best antiques. Stroll down River Street for a bit of European flavor and check out all the wonderful assortment of antiques.

Warren Street, Hudson

Ballston Spa Antique Shops, Ballston Spa

Bargain Shopping

Prime Outlets at Lee, 50 Water Street, Lee

If you want to take a drive, explore the Berkshires and find super buys on clothing, books, and shoe, then drive over to Prime Outlets in Lee, Mass. You’ll discover bargains on lots of brands including Brooks Brothers, Polo Ralph Lauren, Coach, and much more. When you need a snack or meal, stop in the food court for your choice of lots of goodies.

The Factory Outlets of Lake George

Great Finds, 260 Washington Avenue, Albany

Bike Shop

Downtube Cycle Works, 466 Madison Avenue, Albany

A winner again in our yearly survey, Downtube Cycle Works specializes in doing one thing well —- bikes and related equipment. Riding not only saves on gas money, but you’ll also be doing your part to clean our environment.

Klarsfeld’s Cyclery & Fitness, 1370 Central Avenue, Albany

Mad Dog Bicycle, 561 Delaware Avenue, Delmar

New Bookstore

The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, 1475 Western Avenue, Albany

Independent bookstores are very much alive in the Capital Region. Just stop in The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza and you’ll find thousands of titles in a cozy atmosphere, staffed by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. The book store offers more than 30 book clubs, holds various readings and signing, and support Literacy Volunteers and the AIDS Council. They also own the finalist bookstore, Market Block Books.

Open Door Bookstore, 128 Jay Street, Schenectady

Market Block Books, 290 River Street, Troy

Used Bookstore

Bookbarn, 200 Troy Schenectady Road, Latham

Looking for a wonderful choice of used books in the Capital Region? Choose what our readers did, second year in a row, the Bookbarn. Since 1991, Dan and Cheryl Driggs have helped avid readers save money on their hobby by selling used books at discounted prices. Pay around $5 for a hardcover favorite which might run $25. The store stocks 100,000 books in 127 genres, spaced equally between fiction and non-fiction, hardcover and paperback.

Good Buy Books, 330 Columbia Turnpike, Rensselaer

Dove & Hudson, Dove & Hudson, Albany

Bridal Shop

Angela’s Bridal, 1811 Western Avenue, Albany

When you’re thinking about that special dress for your wedding, think Angela’s Bridal Shop. This full service bridal boutique specializes in couture gowns for the entire bridal party.

Annette’s Bridal, 1526 Central Avenue, Albany

DeAnna’s Country Shoppe, Route 43, West Sand Lake

Chocolate Shop

Uncle Sam’s, All American Chocolate Factory, 2571 Albany Street, Schenectady

Sink your teeth into Uncle Sam’s chocolate, and you’ll be glad you did. For more than 70 years, this Schenectady-based candy shop has been supplying the Capital Region with a variety of sweetness – chocolate bark, chocolate butter crunch, truffles and more than 60 varieties of hand dipped chocolates. Chocolates are dipped in real milk chocolate, not confectionary coating or imitation “chocolate flavored” candy. One bite and you’ll taste the difference!

Krauses’s Homemade Candy, 1609 Central Avenue, Albany

Saratoga Sweets & Chocolate, 1618 Route 9, Clifton Park

Clothing Boutique

Circle’s, 1475 Western Avenue, Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany

Save the expense from going to Manhattan. If you’re looking for designer clothes or a special occasion dress, then drive to Stuyvesant Plaza and visit Circles. Their motto is “A touch of Manhattan in Albany” – and how true that is!

DeAnna’s Country Shoppe, Route 43, West Sand Lake

Some Girl’s Boutique, 13 2nd Street, Troy

Consignment Shop

Plato’s Closet, 818 Central Avenue, Albany

If you’re looking for high fashion clothes for ages 15 to 25, and you don’t want to pay high prices, then head over to Plato’s Closet. Don’t pay full price. Check out all the brands including Hollister, Abercrombie, Forever 21 and others. Plato’s Closet features everything from summer dresses to jeans, camisoles and tee-shirts.

Something Olde Something New, 1969 New Scotland Road, Slingerlands

Fifi’s Frocks & Frills, 1811 Western Avenue, Westmere Plaza, Albany

Farmer’s Market

Troy Waterfront Farmer’s Market

Spend your Saturday morning browsing through fresh produce and baked goods at Troy Waterfront Farmer’s Market. From baked goods, meats and produce, to flowers, household items and pottery, you’ll find the best in locally made and cultivated goods. More than just a market, this repeat winner is a gathering place for the community to hear live music, enjoy savory food and contribute to the area economy.

Saratoga Springs, High Rock Park, Saratoga

Schenectady Greenmarket, Proctor’s Arcade, 440 State Street, Schenectady

Garden Nursery

Faddegon’s Nursery Inc., 1140 Troy-Schenectady Road, Latham

Owned and operated by the Faddegon family, this nursery has been in business since 1920. They boast a 40-acre garden center and landscape facility. Their plant specialists and certified nurserymen can help you find the supplies and tools you’ll need to cultivate your green thumb.

George’s Market Nursery, 240 Wade Road Extension, Latham

Hewitt’s Garden Centers Inc. (various locations)

Gift Shop

Wit’s End Giftique, 1762 Route 9, Clifton Park

Looking for that right “something” for your living room? How about a perfect housewarming gift? Do you know someone who collects Pandora charms? Wit’s End in Clifton Park has all these and more. Wit’s End features “cobblestone streets and charming turn-of-the-century shops adorned with beautiful antiques and whimsical, artful treasures” which makes your shopping trip one-of-a-kind.

Pearl Grant Richman’s, 1475 Western Avenue, Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany

Kraft By Kim, 390 Columbia Turnpike, Rensselaer

Hardware Store

Robinson Ace Hardware, 1874 Western Avenue, Albany

If you remember the good old days, with old fashioned service and a professional staff, then head to Robinson Ace Hardware. Gary Robinson and his friendly, experienced staff will help you find everything from that specific nail or hammer to an assortment of snow blowers, lawnmowers, keys, and much, more. People in the Guilderland area and Capital Region have relied on Robinson Ace Hardware for their hardware needs for over 50 years.

Phillips A. Hardware Inc., various locations

Allerdice Hardware, Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa

Health Food Store

Honest Weight Food Co-op, 484 Central Avenue, Albany

Honest Weight Food Co-op comes up the winner four years in a row as best health food store. They are “A member-owned and operated consumer cooperative that is committed to providing the community with affordable, high quality natural foods and products for healthy living.” In addition to the natural grocery section, Honest Weight offers classes, recipes, samples and tastings promoting and teaching alternative ways of living to make the community, as well as the planet, a healthier place to live.

Green Grocer Organic Grocery Store, 1505 Route 9, Clifton Park

Four Seasons Natural Foods Store & Café, 33 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs

Jeweler (Tie for first)

Frank Adams Jewelers Inc., 1475 Western Avenue, Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany

The Lofts, 18 Division Street, Saratoga


Jewelry lovers have voted Frank Adams Jewelers Inc. a winner again as best jewelry store. Nearly a century in the jewelry market, the business continues building a legacy of world-class service to the community. Starting in 1922 as a small watch repair business by Frank Adams, it has become the Capital Region’s premier retailer of internationally-recognized and award-winning designer jewelry and timepiece brands.

Northeastern Fine Jewelry, 1575 Western Avenue, Albany and 1607 Union Street, Schenectady

Hannoush Jewelers, various locations

Liquor/Wine Store

Empire Wine, 1440 Central Avenue

Before your next dinner party, you may want to go to Empire Wine and stock up on your favorite wines. Stop by and be part of their in-store wine tastings. Discover new flavors from around the world. Empire Wine boasts a friendly staff who will answer your questions and make sure you get the best choice.

Exit 9 Wine and Liquor, 54 Crossing Boulevard, Clifton Park

All Star Wine & Spirits, 579 Troy Schenectady Road, Latham Farms, Latham

Menswear Shop

Mark Thomas Men’s Apparel, 5 Metro Park Road, Albany

In its fourth year in Albany, Mark Thomas Men’s Apparel keeps professional men look their best in all the latest designs and trends.

Founded by Mark Goldfarb and Tom Fagan, combining 40 years of experience in the business, Mark Thomas offers custom suits and shirts in thousands of fabrics, plus an on-site tailor shop. This upscale men’s store prides itself on their affordable prices and convenience.

Spector’s, Colonie Center, Colonie

Music Store

Last Vestige Music Shop, 173 Quail Street, Albany

Searching for your favorite old record or tape? Maybe you were searching for that favorite CD? Voters tell us to head to downtown Albany and check out the Last Vestige Music Shop, in business for more than 20 years.

Hermies Music Store, 1758 Route 9, Clifton Park and 727 State Street, Schenectady

Vancurler Music Store, Proctors Theatre Arcade, Schenectady

Sporting Goods

Goldstock’s Sporting Goods, 98 Freemans Bridge Road, Scotia

Whether you are into basketball and football or enjoy golf and tennis, Goldstock’s Sporting Goods has all the equipment and apparel you need to look like a pro. Winter, spring, summer and fall, this sporting goods haven has everything you could ever want, all for reasonable prices and that makes them #1.

Eastern Mountain Sports Inc., 3066 Route 50, Saratoga Springs; 412C Balltown Road, Niskayuna; and 1475 Western Avenue, Albany

Steiner’s Sports, 329 Glenmont Road, Glenmont; 3455 Rt. 9 Valatie; 301 Warren Street, Hudson


Price Chopper, various locations

The Golub family founded an empire of grocery stores starting in the Capital Region and they have spread statewide and out of state. When you think fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, or baked goods, the voters choose Price Chopper.

Hannaford Supermarkets (various locations)

Honest Weight Food Co-op, 484 Central Avenue, Albany



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