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4 Local Ways to Boost Your Health and Wellness

From medspas to a medical imaging service, these Capital Region companies are ready to help you become your best self.

Beauty, From the Inside Out

At Hebe Medical Spa—which has locations in Fish Kill and Latham with a Saratoga spa on the way—overall wellness takes center stage.

The story of Hebe Medical Spa began at 5 o’clock in the morning. “I met my business partner at the gym,” says Hebe CEO Irina Damyanidu of Dr. Zainab Mogul-Ashraf. “She was an internist at a big hospital in the area and I was an executive. We became friends because it’s all men at 5am and we were the only two females. One day she said, ‘Hey, I want to open a medical spa—do you want to partner up?’” And the rest is history.

Damyanidu and Mogul-Ashraf opened Hebe Medical Spa in Fish Kill in November of 2018, expanded to Latham in 2021, and since then have been providing Capital Region residents with nonsurgical procedures of the face and skin such as Botox, dermal fillers, microneedling, laser skin resurfacing and hair removal. Procedures take place in spa-like rooms and utilize state-of-the-art technologies. “We work with all skin conditions, and we have devices to address pretty much any skin concern—acne, scars, wrinkles,” Damyanidu says. “What’s that saying? If you have a hammer in your hand, everything is a nail. Well, we have devices for everything, and the technology that we use is cutting edge.”

These technologies are utilized during a la carte treatments, but also via Hebe’s VIP memberships, which offer frequent flyers a chance to save money and be a part of secret specials and giveaways, all while achieving their beauty goals. Such memberships include Facial (monthly oxygenated facials, peels and dermaplaning, plus deals on skincare products, Botox and more), Laser (which offers savings on treatments of $250-$350) and two options for Injectables. “Memberships help us work within anyone’s budget,” Damyanidu says. “We have something for everyone.”

And it’s not just injectables and skincare treatments that Hebe offers. The medspa, which is gearing up to open a third location in Saratoga, also specializes in hormone replacement therapy, hair restoration, peptide therapy and medical weight loss treatments, all of which, Damyanidu says, can transform a person’s life. “My favorite part of the job is working with a client to help them lose 50 pounds, optimize their hormones, or just improve their skin giving them more confidence,” she says. “It’s so rewarding.”

1131 Main Street, Fishkill
601 Loudon Road, #7, Latham

Dr. Lucie Capek

Beauty for Wellness

Lucie Capek, MD Plastic Surgery and Medspa is ready to help you become the best version of yourself.

Dr. Lucie Capek knows that the decision to get plastic surgery is a big one. That’s why, at her Latham-based boutique plastic surgery and Medspa practice, the all-female team makes sure clients have all the information they need before going through with a procedure that will change their body and life forever.

“I encourage patients to become informed and learn as much as they can before deciding to have plastic surgery,” says Dr. Capek, who has been working in the Capital Region for more than 25 years. “Knowledge is empowering, clarifies realistic expectations, and helps to remove fear and doubt. Our consultations are a deep-dive into your procedure of interest and we take the time to review your health history to ensure a safe and satisfying experience.”

While Dr. Capek’s practice offers a full range of aesthetic services—from facials to Facelifts, as well as the full spectrum of injectables, lasers and body contouring—she specializes in cosmetic surgery to the face, breast and body. She’s well known for natural-looking Facelift, neck lift, Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty transformations in addition to ‘mommy’ and ‘menopausal’ makeovers. She believes the word “wellness” encompasses total health, and acknowledges the indelible bond between mind and body. 

“As a plastic surgeon, I consider myself a quality-of-life doctor who helps patients feel and look their best,” she says. “Their confidence soars as they are able to move past concerns that are corrected or optimized by the procedures we offer. This is beauty for wellness—a restored self-perception that aligns with a patient’s health and wellness goals. As a surgeon, it’s an amazing and privileged experience to be part of this journey.”

And to those clients who say they feel guilty, selfish or vain for considering plastic surgery? “I would reply that self-care is none of these things,” Dr. Capek says. “Most patients experience a transformation that helps them function as the best version of themselves with renewed confidence and energy. The concern that brought them in is no longer a focus, which frees up emotional resources for more productive pursuits. They move on from their treatment happier and healthier.”

1003 Loudon Road, Suite 101

Welcome to the Rockstar Arena of Akira Medical Imaging + Wellness!

At Akira Medical Imaging + Wellness, our passion is to transcend the ordinary. We’re not just your healthcare providers; we’re your warm, compassionate, reliable and attentive partners on your unique health journey. Our mission is to set a new standard in healthcare by ensuring every individual we serve feels genuinely cared for.

What Makes Akira Rock

We’ve crafted an environment that flips healthcare norms on their head. Warm and inviting spaces? Check! Empowerment and wellness as the main event? Think vibrant spaces, empowerment anthems, and a wellness stage that’s all about YOU!

Our Guiding Principles: The Fun-Filled Handbook

Priority: The Caring Olympics: We’re not just partners in your health care journey; we’re your biggest fans. Each patient is a VIP deserving red carpet–level attention and mega doses of empathy.

Compassion 101: Our staff is armed with kindness, support and the secret weapon of a genuine smile. 

Efficiency, But Make it a Hug: We’re all about getting things done with pizzazz while making you feel seen, heard and like the VIP you are.

The Akira Experience: A Party for Your Senses

Picture this: warm gowns, scent stickers, chill tunes, mood lighting and a tea bar that’s basically a liquid rainbow. Your visit isn’t just an imaging exam; it’s a multisensory adventure!

Akira’s Rockstar Services

Mammography Magic: Say hello to The Genius™ 3D Mammography™—your ticket to accuracy and peace of mind.

Ultrasounds: From breast to pelvic, our ultrasound game is strong! 

Breast Biopsies: Advanced techbology for precise stereotactic and ultrasound-guided biopsies. 

DEXA Scans: Bone density assessments with just the right touch of low-dose radiation.

Akira’s VIP Exclusives

Magic Behind the Scenes: Imagine us as your health wizards, handling prior imaging with a sprinkle of magic for seamless transitions. 

Lifestyle Adaptable Appointments: Your schedule, your rules! Craft your own health melody with our flexible scheduling and breezy walk-in hours, designed to vibe with your schedule. 

Say No to the Waiting Game: Our same-day diagnostic results are designed to promptly keep you informed on your results. 

Heartfelt Headliner Commitment: Your experience is the main event—we’re committed to making it rock, with genuine caring taking center stage.

Health is the ultimate jam, and at Akira, we’re here to make sure you’re dancing to it. The Akira crew is ready to listen, ensuring you get top-notch care in a vibe-filled environment. Here’s to your well-being and living your healthiest, happiest life!

400 Patroon Creek Boulevard, Suite 104, Albany

Artistry of Face owner Kelly Heffernan

An Expert Eye

The Artistry of Face’s Kelly Heffernan is using her 18 years of experience to help Capital Region residents become the best version of themselves.

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, you want the most experienced hands available to perform your procedure. In the Capital Region, those hands belong to Kelly Heffernan, owner of Loudonville’s The Artistry of Face. 

“I’ve been injecting dermal fillers and neuromodulators as well as providing various aesthetic procedures for 18 years,” Heffernan says. “I was the very first nurse practitioner to open an aesthetic practice in our area, and we just opened our second location in Glens Falls.”

But Heffernan’s experience spans beyond her work in the Capital Region. She has served as a senior field clinical specialist and a medical science liaison for two of the largest companies in the aesthetics industry, and has traveled the country for the past 13 years teaching doctors and midlevel providers the art of injections and the science of the product, facial aging process and facial anatomy. While she provides plenty of treatments for clients who are just looking for a more youthful appearance, she specializes in treating clients who have suffered from facial deformity and asymmetry left from medical issues such as Bell’s palsy, burns, severe acne scarring and cleft lip.

Always on the cutting edge of medical aesthetics developments, Heffernan is proud to offer Morpheus 8 skin-tightening, wrinkle-reducing and collagen-stimulating treatments for the face, neck, decolletage, arms, abdomen and above the knee. The Artistry of Face also offers the latest technology for Cool Sculpting, and is the only office in the area to offer the Cool Sculpting Elite platform, which gives Heffernan the ability to treat patients more efficiently and effectively to reduce stubborn fat and contour problem areas. 

While Heffernan is a medical professional, she is also a person who cares deeply about the work that she does. “The best part of my job is helping patients feel more confident,” she says. “There is nothing that brings more professional satisfaction to me than handing a patient a mirror after treatment and seeing the smile on their face.”

475 Albany Shaker Road, Albany
481 Glen Street, Glens Falls

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