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Falling Away From the Old Self

This fall’s Uranian energy will challenge us with unexpected—yet necessary—change.

Change is inevitable, and autumn knows this all too well. Have you been feeling a bit shaken and stirred as summer transitions into fall? August, which this year had a strong Uranian influence, brought a particularly intense month full of bumps and new developments. But heck, we’ve been no strangers to personal and collective change since 2020, and we’re not done yet. This electrifying energy will continue to work with us intimately through the beginning of 2023. The shift that Uranus brings can be felt in numerous ways, but ultimately serves our highest paths. 

The revolutionary Uranus will be retrograde and squaring Saturn during the entire fall season, challenging us to break free from the rigid and outdated structures of our lives.  

To embrace change and make the most of it over the next four months, take time to process the paradigm shifts and sudden changes that have taken place in your life over the past two years. Determine what is no longer working, what new structures you are inspired to create, and what new pathways you want to follow. 

Where have you feared or resisted necessary change? That is where the ongoing energy of the Saturn and Uranus square will continue to apply tension and force you to adapt to new situations. This square is creating a breakthrough in consciousness—a shift both from the old, outdated ways of being and to newly aligned ways. This revolutionary energy can bring with it upsetting, sudden and unexpected events as it creates the necessary shifts for our newly aligned and authentic paths. Even though Uranus applies its breakthroughs where we need it most, this kind of sudden change can be a shock to the system.  

Here’s how to best navigate the unexpected over the next several months.

4 Tips for Working With Uranian Energy:

Open, invite, allow and surrender to change.

It’s best to frame change as positive, useful and working to support you on your highest path. Fighting, resisting and contracting creates enormous unwanted amounts of tension in your body.

Affirmation: I am relaxing into the unknown and inviting positive change on my highest path.

Keep an open mind.

Our brains have a tendency to create negative thought forms and expect the worst. Keep your mind open to other, more constructive possibilities by asking yourself: “What else could be true?”

Use tools to regulate your nervous system.

Regularly take care of your nervous system. Uranian energy is intense and you will need to counterbalance. Some ideas include breathing practices, affirmations, calming essential oils, meditation, being in nature and grounding visualizations.

Enlist support.

When we feel a sense of shock, we can become immobilized. Enlist support from trusted friends or professionals (coaches, guides or therapists) to make sense of what you are experiencing and learn how to move forward proactively. I personally love using tarot and astrology for times of transition and change.

Holding you as powerful and wishing you the best during these transitions.   

Rachelle Booth is a spiritual guide and transformational life coach. To ignite your self-discovery journey and feminine reclamation, visit rachelletrahancoaching.as.me/.

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