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Transition Time: How to Say Goodbye to Summer and Welcome in the Fall

Use the autumn energies of Virgo and Libra to become your best self.

The Sun and her energies have a big impact on our lives. She is our center after all, our guiding light and source of vitality and life force energy. Since she also connects us to our own central Sun and center, it’s no wonder we feel her gravitational force so impactfully.   

The Sun travels through all 12 zodiac signs throughout the year, each with its own distinct energetic signature. How we experience her and our own selves will be partially influenced by whatever zodiac sign she is in. If we attune to the Sun as she cycles through the unique signs, we can decide to work with the energies and get in flow, instead of working against them. Becoming aligned with her and syncing up with her rhythms will allow us to feel more alive, confident, action oriented and creative.

So what does that mean for us as we shift gears from summer to fall energies? What lessons can we expect to learn? How can we be in flow in our lives?

The zodiac wheel represents the integration of energy from one signature to the next. Being in flow with your own natural rhythms and cycles is about aligning with the energies of the season and integrating into the next energy moving forward.

Let’s look at the Sun’s transit through two of the upcoming Zodiac signs* and see what energies we’ll be working with in September and October.

Virgo (ends September 21):

As we transition from summer to fall, our energies move away from the warmth, joie de vivre and playfulness of the summer (Leo) and toward the establishment of healthy habits and more rigid structures and routines for our minds and bodies (Virgo). Therefore, September is a great time to place our attention on all the things that matter in grounding our hopes and dreams into a future reality. Want a strong and fit body?  Want to be a master in your chosen career or calling? Virgo offers the energies to make it happen. This is the season to do work that matters.

Libra (September 22-October 21):

As the Sun transitions into Libra, we will be combining our personal energy with the energy of others. Libra’s primary aim is to cultivate balance, equality, cooperation and harmony in personal relationships. She wants to restore a healthy equilibrium. What’s happening in your life right now that requires balance? What needs harmonizing in your relationships? Is there an excessive amount of tension in your body that you can release? Where can you appreciate or apply beauty and aesthetics? How can you balance your needs with the needs of others?

Now that you know what energies you’ll be working with, how will you use the time
to shine?

*The study of astrology goes far beyond sun signs. Learn more about your own unique energetic signature and planetary transit by contacting Rachelle at [email protected].

A cheat sheet for the energies you are moving away from, currently experiencing
and welcoming soon

Sun in Leo (ended 8/21):
play, joy, warmth, creativity, confidence and self-expression

Sun in Virgo (ends 9/21):
learning, teaching, discipline, routine, betterment, health and fitness

Sun in Libra (9/22-10/21):
balance, beauty, equality, justice, peace and personal relationships

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