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Great Expectations: Your Guide Towards a Powerful 2021

Transformational coach and tarot reader Rachelle Booth fills you in.

Using a blend of practicality and spirituality, Rachelle Booth guides the soul-inspired to raise their personal vibrations, embody their highest truths and deepest desires, and step into their most prosperous lives. She lives in Wilton with her husband and three children. Find her at rachelletrahan.com.

How can we stay balanced, spiritually, this holiday season?
A feeling of groundlessness can hit us during the holiday season, if we spend too much time in our heads and not in our bodies. The business of the holiday season can overwhelm us and bring about anxiety and exhaustion. Conversely, groundedness comes from feeling a deep silence, stability and connection with what’s going on in your own life. So if you take the time to be quiet and grounded in the present moment, your body becomes both a receiver and transmitter for the magic of the holiday season.

What to let go of:
1) Any business that distracts you from being in the present moment with a soft focus, belly and heart.
2) One or more things on your plate.
3) Any expectations for what this holiday season needs to be.
4) Any anxiety or worry about what this season will bring.

What to let in:
1) More quiet time to get centered and grounded.
2) Exercise, meditation and spending time in nature.
3) A state of flow for what is.
4) Trust for where life is taking you.
A body, mind and spirit that is grounded in the now invites in magic, miracles and possibilities far beyond whatever we could dream up ourselves. Let it be your best holiday season yet.

What would you suggest doing this year in lieu of making a New Year’s resolution?
If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that we know how to find what is personally meaningful to us. Don’t make another empty resolution based on something that has fallen out of significance. While 2020 removed the inessentials, it brought into focus new beliefs, perspectives and intentions for how we want to live our lives moving forward. We should be asking ourselves: What do we want now? And how would we need to feel in order to have it?

Instead of making a resolution, pick a word for the year. Select one that you want to embody—the quality that can help you achieve what you want this year. Your word will inspire you to be that. It will prepare you for what you are learning on a soul level this year, help you gain a level of mastery around it and keep you focused on what’s important to you in the year ahead. Some examples include: “truth,” “love,” “strength,” “originality,” “forgiveness,” “acceptance,” “focus” and “determination.” When selecting a word, don’t overthink it—listen to the whisperings in your soul, and you can’t get it wrong. Your intuition will guide you, and it is strong.

What can we expect out of 2021?
Move over 2020, because 2021 will be bringing the renewal energy we’ve been craving. After a long, challenging year of pain and unexpected change, our hearts will be uplifted with the fresh energy just around the corner. The year 2021 will be a renaissance—a flowering, as we open up to new, more empowering beliefs, life goals and ways of being. Progressive, innovative, original, cooperative, collaborative and creative energies will support rebuilding and rebirthing our new worlds.

So, for the remainder of this year, take the time to honor what is ending. Make sure to make any final preparations for what needs to be released. What dies becomes the fertilizer for what we will create.

Our individual and collective completions serve as a way of clearing and purifying what is to come. The more we allow (as opposed to resist) the endings, the smoother our transition will feel. The pain of what we have lost will be transmuted to a softer feeling of accomplishment for what we have gained.

Just knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel, we can find the courage to complete this challenging year powerfully. Let’s love ourselves and each other through it and meet with newfound levels of resilience and strength on the other side.

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