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Healthy, Wealthy, Wise: How to Improve Your Spirituality

How do you control our own destiny? Learn below.

I believe that we all have the power to create our own destiny by improving our spiritual self! How do you do this?

Below are tips that I have personally found very helpful so that you can feel like you are in the driver’s seat in life. By following these steps, you can change your spiritual self, which will enable you to feel confident and empowered along the path in life that you create.

  • Heal from the past wounds and traumas life brings. It’s a life-long process by learning to love and forgive yourself and any others whom you have allowed to hurt you. Learn to recognize, break and let go of negative patterns and emotions (anger, guilt, resentment, jealousy) that can haunt us all at times. Take the positive from these negative experiences and support your family and friends that are sharing similar experiences in life!
  • Learn to love unconditionally by detaching from your negative emotions. How do you do this? When feeling negative, use your powerful mind to focus in on a special time, event or person that brought you happiness or recall a memory that will make you smile (i.e.: my grandson’s smile makes me smile!). Let go of any negative feelings you have brought with you from the past so that love feels good, not painful.
  • Find out what is your purpose. Ask yourself and your higher power, “What are my strengths and gifts”? Once recognized, use this power and these gifts to serve yourself and others in a positive way. A great idea is to turn your talent into a passion or a hobby. Or, better yet into a career (like I did)!
  • Treat and respect others as you expect to be treated. This thought pattern and effort makes such an impact in creating positive energy for you and is infectious towards others. Ask your angels to help you let go of control and trust so that you are not overwhelmed with negative thought patterns: anxiety, depression and overall suffering. Realize that this uncomfortable situation too shall pass. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all experience again the love and peace that we need and crave?
  • Be kind to yourself and others! Sharing random acts of kindness towards others makes our world a happier and peaceful place to live in.
  • Choose to be a happy and positive person and share this energy with others. Encourage friends and family by listening to and supporting them through their difficult times in life. Encourage them to make the positive changes they are willing to make to improve their lives. Surround yourself with happy, successful people!
  • Smile and laugh as often as you can. A simple smile doesn’t cost anything and it makes a huge difference in how others view you and the type of people you will attract into your life.  It creates an aura around you that makes others find you exciting and curious and becomes contagious! I believe that laughter is a very healing emotion; don’t take life so seriously all of the time!
  • Live in the moment and be thankful and be grateful for what you consider to be the gifts in your life (family, health, friends, a warm place to live, etc.).  Focus on the positive aspects of your life. I believe that we all have a choice to wake up happy or to wake up sad – it’s up to you! Life can be very exciting knowing that any minute it can change on a dime for the better! Think about how many times in your life this has happened to you!  I’m a true believer that thoughts and words many times turn into reality, so keep your thoughts positive as often as you can be aware.
  • Try to view life’s challenges or sudden disruptive changes as opportunities. Although it may seem very frightening and painful during that challenging time, in order to obtain spiritual growth, we have to experience a bit of turmoil during these transition times of our lives. Just remember that it’s only temporary! Life is full of surprises for all of us. It’s not the challenge you receive, but how you handle it. Stand up after the negative impact of the challenge, brush off your knees, learn and grow from it! Leave the negative experience behind, and take the positive lesson it taught you; then run with it.
  • As often as you can, reach out to someone who is sick or lonely, even if it takes minutes of your precious time and always give of yourself without expecting anything in return. The positive reward and energy you create will return to you tenfold and make your life really worth living.
  • Make quiet time for yourself each day to reflect and ask your angels and spirit guides for anything you need as they are always listening. They will help you through the challenges in life that you feel are out of your control. Continue to learn how to give up control to your highest power and trust you are protected by your angels.
  • Life is a journey and can be a challenging adventure at times. There will be bumps in the road, but you have the power to make it as smooth a ride as possible by taking the time to enjoy the scenery along the way!

I truly feel that whatever you want in life, it’s there for you! Just ASK, BELIEVE and be prepared to RECEIVE anything you manifest through your thoughts, words, dreams and faith.

Wishing you all a very happy healthy and prosperous 2011 filled with hope and promise and dreams fulfilled. Peace and light!

Sandy Menzer is a Spiritual Intuitive who lives in Niskayuna. She can be reached at 265.4872. Please visit he web site at findyourspirit.net.


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