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June, a Time for Reinvention

We may not like change, but it’s inevitable.

There is no getting around the fact that our lives have been disrupted over the past few months by the COVID-19 crisis, and we have had to find new, creative ways to live them “normally.” Astrologically, since Saturn was in retrograde last month, we were all taught that we are stronger than we realized, and as much as we are creatures of habit, we can adapt. We may not like change, but it’s inevitable.

It’s now June, the official beginning of summer, and this will definitely be one where we’ll need to “think outside the box” to find new ways to enjoy life. Thankfully, we have quirky Uranus to help us find new ways to celebrate life’s simple pleasures. Of course, this time of year is also about graduating—whether it be from high school or college. This year’s ceremonies may not happen the way graduates anticipated them to happen, but the show must go on. Look at how creatively people have been celebrating birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, with parades of cars and signs and banners and well-wishes online. Although many students may be thinking that the lack of a formal graduation ceremony will ruin the significance of the day, Jupiter and Mercury, along with Saturn, are telling us that it’s not really about the day, but rather the accomplishments of the students and how they got there. That alone is reason to celebrate. And because we all need to be a little more inventive right now in how we orchestrate group gatherings, it will definitely be a graduation to remember and not lacking in love from others for the accomplishment at hand.

Despite some of the not-so-positive results of the crisis, in June, astrologically speaking, the planets have an upbeat and somewhat lighthearted, loving energy about them. We are all seeing the kindness and caring of others, and that will continue as, as our region continues to reopen and more restrictions are lifted. Now that we have warm, summer-like days ahead in the Capital Region, we’ll also be able to enjoy more time outdoors, with the proper precautions taken, of course. Even if our favorite events are canceled, we live in such a beautiful area—with so many lakes, streams and mountain trails—that maybe it’s time to find new ways to entertain ourselves and get out of our normal routine.
As the month progresses, the heavy players in the heavens will be Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, along with Saturn, all of which will lead us to rethink how we’ve been living our lives–especially when it comes to being creatures of habit. Maybe we need to do a little self-reflection on the areas of our life we want to change. This is not a heavy energy, so be kind to yourself.

The official beginning of summer takes place on June 20 (the solstice or midsummer), and with loving Venus, you should plan some way to celebrate. Maybe create a socially distanced block party to welcome in the season—or have a cookout or bonfire, if you’re with family. June is not only a time to welcome in a new season, but also one in which to say goodbye to spring. If you end up having that bonfire, write something personal that you want to let go of or leave in the past on a leaf or a piece of paper, toss it in the fire and visualize that it is behind you. That day or the following one, write down something you want to manifest or create during the summer months. Dig a small hole in your yard and place that piece of writing in it, then plant seeds over it. Water it and visualize the seeds growing your intentions.

We are living in a difficult and unusual time, but we will make it through. Be creative, inventive and most of all, stay positive. Maybe in the grand scheme of things, there is a lesson to learn from all of this. And maybe we will all emerge more loving, caring, kinder and wiser.

Alexx Bradley
Alexx Bradley
Alexx Bradley is a longtime contributor to Capital Region Living.

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