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Spiritual Grounding: Looking Forward to July

You have a lot to look forward to this month—including a rare solar eclipse!
Summer has finally arrived, and here in the northeast, the magic of the season is upon us. There are so many exciting and wonderful things to do: mountain hikes, days at the lake, street fairs, car shows, charity events, and of course, let’s not forget the track. This July is just as exciting in the astral sky, with a solar eclipse and new moon in Cancer on July 2, a lunar eclipse on the full moon in Capricorn July 16, and then to end the month, we have another new moon on the 31st (often known as a black moon). All of this, along with other planets playing into the month, should make for an eventful and memorable month for all.

Eclipses are always a time of awakening and shifts of consciousness. During the beginning of the month we may feel that we need to change in some way. For some, this is a time of spiritual evolution and heightened awareness, and for realizing that the universe is always giving us subtle messages for personal growth and change. For others, this time may be more conventional: questioning if they are happy with the status quo and if not, where to make changes. The solar eclipse may bring the realization that it is time to make some drastic changes, or at least take some chances that we may have typically feared.

During an eclipse, we will delight in different cultures and ideals, and will often try new things – and what better time than during the warm days of July to take advantage of this? Eclipses always have a way of making us see where to make changes, and the new moon is a time to set new intentions. So this month’s new moon-solar eclipse is truly about exploration and learning.

On July 2, write down the things you want to create or change. Light a yellow candle, place your intention under it, and visualize that outcome of your intention. Do not use guided imagery that includes the path of getting to your goal; rather, use this opportunity to see the outcome you desire. Over the coming weeks, carry your written intention with you to keep your goal, literally, at hand. You may be surprised at how many things occur that will give you the inspiration you need to keep moving forward toward your goal.

Mid-month Full Moon
By the lunar eclipse and full Capricorn moon, we should have started on the changes we want to make. The Capricorn moon is about the work we still need to do or helping to adjust our original plan. A lunar eclipse also illuminates those areas of our personal life that we may want to work on as well. Take out your intention to see if you are on the right track and if you are, bury it in the ground…much like “planting the seeds” for continued growth.

We are now halfway through July, and the summer months seem to be non-stop with excitement beginning with the Fourth of July. The full moon, however, may be time to take a break and take care of yourself. As with all full moons, the days leading up to, and including the day of, the full moon can be somewhat emotional, so be kind to yourself. If need be, take a break from social interaction and connect with nature. Create some “me time.” This full moon has a lot of intensity associated with it, so it is the perfect time to get away by yourself and relax if possible.

Whether you follow the planets or not, we in the northeast are so filled with excitement and anticipation for the summer months that we tend to overextend, overbook, and inevitably become over-stimulated. To truly appreciate and enjoy the glorious summer days, practice some energy-reviving self-care.

Whenever you need a break to rejuvenate your energy, take baths or showers using lavender-scented soap or oils to calm you. Visualize the energy around you, shifting as you relax. If you have days during which you feel your energy is somewhat depleted, be it from overdoing or just too much interaction with other people and crowds, bathe or shower and use a peppermint soap or oil to boost your energy. The summer days are busy and the nights are often long, so pay attention to what your body and mind need and replenish your energy when necessary.

The 31st brings a new moon in Leo. What a wonderful way to end the month and start August. Have a wonderful, exciting, and magical summer.
Alexx Bradley
Alexx Bradley
Alexx Bradley is a longtime contributor to Capital Region Living.

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