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Spiritual Groundings: Find Your Passion, Find Your Bliss

CRL's spiritual guide Alexx Bradley puts you on the right path.

We have had a month to work on our resolutions and the intentions that we set on the New Year. Hopefully, we are holding to these intentions and are starting to see how they benefit us. For some, these intentions may have been working on health or diets, but this is also a time to look toward your true passions, and believing in yourself.

The last Full Moon of 2018 provided a time for reflection on our intentions and progress towards those goals. Astrologically, The Full Moon was in Cancer, which is about passion but also fertility. This influences creativity, intuition, and trusting yourself. Together with the impact of Uranus, we were fortified to take chances and expecting positive change or positive ideas to come to you, especially relating to finances or career.

Opposing the Sun in Capricorn—the workhorse of the signs—the full moon in Cancer was also about home, family, and your love life. The culmination of the two astrological events showed that we could have it all and find a balance between the two worlds of work and career and home and family.

Of course, as we moved through January, so too did the sun move from Capricorn to Aquarius, which is where we will start this month. Aquarius brings with it the energy to be creative and re-evaluate to ensure that your ideas and intentions are on the right track but also emboldens you to take a few chances with those ideas that you may normally not take.

On February 18th the sun returns to Pisces, which brings with it a time to trust your intuition and pay attention to opportunities. This is especially clear when it comes to releasing sources of negativity or sources that contradict your own vision for your life. The Virgo Full Moon on Feb 19th is a perfect time to take a personal inventory to see if you are happy with your progress. It is also a great time to make changes or adjustments to your original goals to benefit you and your vision.

It is never too late to find your passion, after all, February is the month we associate with love and lovers. So, why not find what you love about you? Your passion, your dreams, and desires. We all have special gifts and talents and have said: “someday, I will turn that into a business.” Well, what’s wrong with now? Let go of the fear that may be blocking you so you can achieve your goals.

As a numerologist, February is represented by the number two. And quite fitting for the month of Valentine’s day as it represents unions and love, but it also represents all love and creativity and the things you love about you and your gifts. In this concept, creativity is based on what you love, so it is as much about your artistic nature as it is your love and passion for all the things you enjoy and your beliefs.

Meditation for the New Moon
New Moons always represent new beginnings. On the New Moon – February 4th, as you find your happy place, shut out all of the external and internal noise and relax. Light a pink candle, representing love. In this case, it has to do with loving yourself. If you wish, write your intentions for what you wish to create or to build on and place it under the candle. Close your eyes and let your mind take you to a place that you love. The ocean, a lake, or into the woods and feel the negativity, the everyday worries and old fears leaving you and breathe in new energy. Now visualize your new intentions and do this as the outcome you wish…not a map or plan on how to get there. If you want to create a business, see the business and the outcome you desire; if you write, visualize your book with a title and in a bookstore; if you are considering schooling, visualize the outcome of that coursework. Stay focused on your intention and relaxed. Leave the candle lit as long as you wish but keep the thoughts with you. When you extinguish the candle take the candle and the written intention and bury near your front door as it represents the planting of the seed.

February, the month of love, we often reflect on that essential part of our lives. For those looking for love, light a pink candle and visualize new love coming into your life. Be specific as to what qualities you are looking for in a love interest. Much like finding your passion and guiding yourself toward what you love, this process is always about loving yourself and believing in you first.

Alexx Bradley
Alexx Bradley
Alexx Bradley is a longtime contributor to Capital Region Living.

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