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Frozen in Time: Eight Photographers Capture the Beauty of Upstate New York in the Winter

Winter is coming, whether we like it or not. Here's a reminder that freezin' season isn't all bad.

Photographer: Samantha Decker
Location: Glens Falls
“I love Capital Region in winter because the snow dazzles. Whether it’s covering the mountains or the trees in town, there’s always something to catch your eye and make a great photograph.”

Photographer: Brian Wolfe
Location: Newburgh
“Newburgh has one of the widest main streets in the state. It’s a beautiful place to showcase Christmas with the Hudson River and Highlands in the background.”

Photographer: Francesco D’Amico
Location: Woods Hollow Nature Preserve
“This is my sweet girl Habibi who we lost last year at the age of 14. She hated having her picture taken but loved the snow! This photo was taken at our favorite place to walk.”

Photographer: Nate Seitelman
Location: Lake George
“What I love about Lake George is that it’s not beautiful only in the summertime—something that’s true of most of Upstate New York.”

Photographer: Audrey Knizek
Location: Verdile’s Restaurant
“I love how creative businesses get during the winter. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the weather and the cities around us. From ice castles and hot chocolate strolls to winter markets, skiing and ice bars, there’s always something to do!”

Photographer: William Adamczak
Location: Saratoga Spa State Park
“The beauty of winter is similar to that of fall to me. The ever-changing conditions lead to fleeting moments and surreal landscapes that cannot be seen any other time of year.”

Photographer: Hannah Lux Walsh
Location: Mirror Lake Inn
“Winter in upstate New York has always been special to me; not only does a fresh blanket of snow make everything feel and look like a Hallmark Christmas movie, but I’ve always felt that the holiday season slows us down and allows us to reflect on our year.”

Photographer: Matt Whalen
Location: Albany
“A little snow doesn’t keep Capital Region residents in their homes. With fun community events and countless cozy bars and restaurants in Albany, there’s always something to do.”

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