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Subrina Dhammi and Her Husband Show the Capital Region How It’s Done

The NewsChannel 13 anchor and hubby, Ryan Jendrasiak, on the power of love.
This is a happy story. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been one of those people who, when I meet someone wonderful—you know, kind, attractive, witty, smart—I want the person they chose to love to be worthy, on the same level, as my friend. So I’m glad to report that such is the case in the decade-long union of NewsChannel 13 morning anchor (and new buddy) Subrina Dhammi, and her environmental and civil engineer husband, Ryan Jendrasiak. To spend time with them, as I’ve had occasion to do a couple of times recently, is to see a functioning partnership full of small kindnesses, silly moments and grand gestures; in short, a couple truly in love. This love was further magnified when Subrina and Ryan became parents five years ago. Sonya, their gorgeous daughter, is the beneficiary of this amazing, generous union.

Ryan says he met the love of his life while working on the Housatonic River Superfund Project in Berkshire County while Subrina was a reporter there at the time. Subrina, a former runner-up for the title of Miss India USA, has begun her ninth year as an award-winning anchor, becoming along the way, one of the most-watched and popular news stars in the Capital Region. It’s easy, of course, to see why.

In the interim, Subrina Dhammi and Ryan Jendrasiak will continue to pave the way as an amazing example of what it means to achieve one’s relationship goals. Well done, you two.

Are you ready for these burning questions, Subrina? Love: For or against? Explain.
I’m for love—100 percent! I believe love is the most powerful force.

How did Ryan propose to you and where?
Ryan and I got engaged in 2008 in Costa Rica and will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary in October. We were on vacation, taking a sunset walk along the beach, when he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I was overcome with emotion, and, I, too, immediately dropped down on my knees and said, “a thousand times, ‘yes’.” Here’s the funny part of the story: Later that evening, while getting some dinner at the resort, we started chatting with another couple. We told them we’d just gotten engaged. They said they saw us on the beach during Ryan’s proposal, and when I dropped down on my knees, too, they thought maybe we’d gone to the beach for some “alone time.” We had a good laugh over that!

What’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for you?
I’m very lucky, since my husband’s very romantic. He’s done so many thoughtful and meaningful things throughout our relationship. One thing that stands out is my very first Mother’s Day. He put together a video with pictures and clips from my first year of motherhood—it brought me to tears.

What’s the ultimate sexiest spot in the Capital Region?
There are so many wonderful and intimate restaurants that I love for date nights: Peck’s Arcade and Lucas Confectionery in Troy; Speakeasy 518 in Albany; 15 Church and Osteria Danny in Saratoga Springs; also Tanglewood in the Berkshires under the stars is amazing…but my true favorite, romantic spot is my own home. Honestly. Sitting in front of our fireplace with a glass of wine listening to some great music is about as cozy as it gets.

The secret to a truly successful relationship is always…
Have fun together! I think most people would say communication is the key to a successful relationship, and while that’s true, I think it’s imperative to make sure you continue to have fun and be spontaneous. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a little note. Sometimes, a few uplifting words written down from my husband can change my entire day!

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