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What Will Your Star-studded Gifts Be in 2023?

As Jupiter enters Aries this December, opportunities arise.

Jupiter is the Santa Claus of the zodiac and he wants you to have it all. He’s the bringer of gifts, rewards, abundance, luck, opportunity, faith, growth and expansion. During this holiday season, we can’t help but be inspired by his deep belly laugh, optimism and generosity of spirit. 

Jupiter, who begins a new 12-year cycle on December 20, will re-enter Aries and thus encourage us to embrace our inner pioneer, believe in ourselves and triumph over challenge. The house in which he is transiting Aries in your chart determines where he delivers your star-studded gifts, opportunities and rewards. He will expand opportunities and attract luck through Aries themes of:

• Bold individuality and creativity
• Fearless risk-taking
• The courage and inner faith to act
• Strong physical vitality

Each person’s chart is different, and therefore the area of life affected by Jupiter between December 20, 2022 and May 16, 2023 will depend on the individual. Below is a chart illustrating which area Jupiter will be expanding, given the house you have Aries in.

1. Personal Style
2. Resources (inner and outer), Finances, Self-confidence
3. Information Exchange, Communication
4. Home, Personal Roots, Inner Life
5. Creativity, Self-Expression, Play, Pleasure
6. Body, Wholistic Health, Skills, Service
7. Intimacy, Commitment
8. Instincts, Sexual Bonding, Wounds, Metaphysical
9. Higher Education, Travel, Beliefs, Higher Truth
10. Profession, Reputation
11. Long-term Goals, Allies, Strategies
12. Spirituality, Surrender/Release

If you don’t know in which house(s) you have Aries, I’m happy to help you understand your Natal Chart, or you can find out for yourself on astro.com or the Co-Star app. Once you’ve identified your house(s) and the area of life Jupiter will be expanding (i.e. Aries in the second house makes money matters easier), set your fiery, bold intentions for what you are growing in that area of your life for the next five months, when Jupiter will leave Aries and enter a new Zodiac sign—and act on them.

One note of caution: As with all higher expressions of a planet, there are also lower expressions. Be careful not to be too rash, impulsive, arrogant or to overextend (all of the shadow qualities of Jupiter in Aries).

This is a beautiful time to reflect on and appreciate how much you’ve grown during this last 12-year cycle. Jupiter was last in Aries in 2010-2011. You’ve grown quite a bit in all areas of life since then. Why not take the time to celebrate it?

As long as you keep your balance, light the next several months on fire: Be bold and take some risks, and you will reap the rewards. 

Let me know what you’re celebrating by popping in my inbox at: [email protected]. For your own personalized natal chart reading and other services, go to: rachelletrahancoaching.as.me/.

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