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Behind the Lens: The Couple on Cloud Nine

How Adirondack photographer Julia Starkey turned a typical engagement photoshoot into an intimate session in the clouds—without Photoshop.

The Adirondack region is a wonderful area for shooting wedding photography. The mountains, lakes, fields and quaint towns all provide beautiful locations for photos, which is a huge reason why many of my couples choose to celebrate their wedding day here.

As a photographer, I’m always looking for ways to step out of the ordinary to create something unique. This photo was taken during a summer engagement session on the top of Whiteface Mountain. Although this is a stunning location on its own, I always want to provide my couples with something special.

You can create an image like this one without Photoshop or fancy editing programs. All you need is a reflective surface, such as a small mirror or even your cell phone. Hold the mirrored surface up to your eye parallel to the ground. A mirror image of what is in front of you will be reflected on the surface. Try it first without your camera to get a feel for what’s happening. Then, hold the mirror or phone right up to your camera lens parallel to the ground. You may need to tilt it forward or backward to get the desired look. Lastly, take the photo! Next time you are at a lake or mountaintop, I suggest trying it out!

Never stop experimenting as a photographer: You never know what fantastic image is just around the corner.

—Julia Starkey

See more of Julia Starkey’s work on Instagram at @JuliaRebeccaPhotography.

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